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Is My 5th Grader Smarter than a Smart Meter?

smart meter

smart meter

I think it is safe to say that Hydro-Quebec pretty much does what it wants. Every year they throw a price hike out there and the Government says, “No, no, that is too high,” so they lower it a percentage or two and the wheel goes round. Even though every year they experience record profits (do you ever remember Hydro-Quebec saying, “This year we experienced a loss!”). So now they have decided that Smart-Meters are what is best. Oh you could bail out on the new smart meters if you want; you’d have to pay an extra charge for not having one. Yes, you actually pay for them doing nothing and then pay an extra annual fee for not having one. So over we bend so Hydro-Quebec can ram that new smart meter right where the sun don’t shine. But now, lo and behold, people are starting to grumble, why? Because their Hydro bills have increased to the point of doubling in some cases. One case the news this week, a Montreal man’s monthly bill went from $132.99 to $534.65. Know what they told him when he called to complain? “Call an electrician.” Ahhhh yes, the wonderful customer service of Hydro Quebec. It is time to hear all the stories, friends and neighbors. It is time to rise up. I, for one am tired of being treated like they are doing me a favor by giving me Hydro. We pay for it. We are the customers. Lets take the power back!


Holy No Salt, Batman

salt shaker low salt

The Gazette ran a story last week that declared “Salt shortage means Montreal will pay more to de-ice streets this winter.” What! There’s a “salt shortage?” The world is running low on salt? How can this be? What will we put on our fires? Turns out there is no shortage at all (thank God). Seems the city’s head of purchasing, Pierre Gatineau, did not order enough salt last year to deal with the long cold winter we had, so this year the supply is very low. The article is full of numbers and excuses and mumbo jumbo, but in the end, human error means Montrealers have to dig a little deeper into their pockets this winter.

Career Change

Does everyone remember the High School secretary who was fired from her job in Levis Que. after it was discovered she was moonlighting in porn films? These days she is going by the name Samantha Ardente (OOOO la la) and has started her own production house for adult films, AND, you will never guess, she is starring in the first film. She says she feels “very positive” about everything that happened and is a “bigger and better” person. She started the company only after getting the approval of her 12-year-old daughter because that is what you need, a 12-year-old’s approval before you start a porn company right? Right?

Out of the Mouths of NDP MPs

Charmaine Borg fundrazr campaign

Charmaine Borg fundrazr campaign

This guy has a new favorite MP and her name is Charmaine Borg. Borg represents Terrebonne-Blainville for the NDP. Last week she posted the fundraising campaign on crowdsourcing website FundRazr.com. Initially, for a $50 dollar contribution she promised to say your name out loud in the in the House of Commons, and for $1000 bucks she would yell out “resistance is futile!” After outcry, she changed the perks in her campaign. Finally someone is thinking outside of the box.

Last Week at a Glance:

Homelessness Shouldn’t be Futile

Last week I ragged on Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre so I think it is only fair I mention this week the plan that was unveiled last Thursday by the Mayor to combat “homelessness” in the city. The city has announced it will add an extra million dollars annually, 1000 more social housing units and a homeless advocate over the next three years. Good on you Coderre!

MYOB Campaign

Apparently there is a petition out there asking Quebec restaurants and cafeterias to “ban trans fats.” Corinne Voyer, director of the Quebec Coalition on Weight Related Problems says Federal Government figures show Canadians consume too much “trans fats”. Here is an idea. If you don’t want to eat trans fats, just don’t eat them. Why does everyone need to ban something for everyone else? I think I am going to start my own petition named “Why people should mind their own fucking business.” Want to sign up?


Last word of the week:

Jasmine Tridevil. Facebook.

Jasmine Tridevil. Facebook.

Last we I was pretty much heart broken. At the beginning of the week we found out that a Florida woman, Jasmine Tridevil, had a breast implant, and now has three, yes count them three, boobs! There were photos and video and everything. Was this weird? Of course it was weird… but so what? It was crazy hilarious. It had everyone and their Uncle Willie’s talking. Turns out it was all a hoax. The three boobs were only a prosthesis. BOOOO! How could you play with our emotions like that Miss Tridevil. Oh well, thanks for the good times.

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