Festivals and Events in Montreal : March 2017

St. Patrick's Day Parade. St. Catherine Street. 2016. Photo Lily Huynh. St. Patrick's Day Parade. St. Catherine Street. 2016. Photo Lily Huynh.


Feburary 20 – May 8 2017

Only one can be the best, but over the next few months let your ears decide which of these artists deserves to advance to the next round: Mélanie Venditti, Shawn Jobin, ANtoine Lachance (Feb 20); Maxime Auguste, Projet Coyote, Juste Robert (Feb 27);Bermudes, Vulvets, Verry Vaughn (March 6), Kyra Shaughnessy, Les Louanges, Van Carton (March 13); MCC, Lydia Képinski, Étienne Fletcher (March 20); Laurence Anne, Ariane Vaillancourt, Joey Robin Haché (March 27); David Chose, Fred Labrie, Renard Blanc (April 3). At Club Lion D’Or. Info HERE.

ART SOUTERRAIN: Jeu et Diversion

March 4 -26 2017

Montreal Underground + Satellite Locations

Get ready to go underground with a festival that puts art where the people are. Art Souterrain works with international art institutions to make visual art more accessible by putting it in the tunnels of the underground city. This year’s theme focuses on the inexorable desire of people to play and be distracted. The works of art here will look at games and distractions as a pleasure, an industry, and the gamification of life. 70 artists and collectives are participating in 7 km worth of pathways under 13 buildings and art galleries. As an example, you can see the work of Julie Chaffort, Jason Cantoro, and An Te Liu. For those wanting a tour, there are guided tours available. There are also cinq a septs, workshops, and even audio downloads to go with the event. More info can be found HERE.

FIFEM — Montreal International Children’s Film Festival

March 4 – 12 2017

The very best of international children’s cinema from over 30 countries plays at Cinema du Parc. Just $9 per film. More info HERE. 

Festival International de Marionnettes Pour Adultes et Enfants/Festival des Casteliers

Louis Riel. Photo Sabrina Reeves

Lois Riel. Photo Sabrina Reeves

March 8 – March 12

The magic of puppetry is always in how the puppeteer gets an inanimate object not just to move, but to move you. This annual festival is in its 12th year and over 10 troupes will be presenting shows. A few we recommend are Schweinehund by Andy Gaukel on March 11 and La Paraplue on March 11 and 12. More info can be found HERE. Tickets range from $16 to 30 per show.

Art Matters

art matters install day photo from facebook

art matters install day photo from facebook Off Kilter. 2015

March 4 – March 31 2017

We at Montreal Rampage believe that art matters. Do you? The annual Concordia festival that celebrates art in its many forms has an appeal that goes well beyond students. Check out who is up and coming as both artists and curators in the city of Montreal. All areas are covered — writing, dance, design, theatre, video, theatre, and digital arts. Check out the eight exhibitions featuring 85 different artists as vernissage yields to vernissage throughout the whole of March. Click HERE for more information.

Dr. Mobilo Aquafest

March 17-25 2017 at Théâtre Fairmount and Théâtre Outremont

Music and humor — this festival is meant to get you out. Check out Sèxe Illégal, Guillaume Wagner, and Roman Frayssinet among others. For info, click HERE.

Revolution they Wrote: Short Works Feminist Theatre and Performance Festival

March 23-26  2017 at Mainline Theatre

A four day event features six different shows with over a dozen artists. Among other things are How To Be A Good Modern Woman, presented by Holly Greco, Maxine Segalowitz, and Stephanie McKenna about how to “get the life you deserve.” Like Jane covers the trial of Brock Turner who sexually assaulted an unconscious woman at a fraternity party. More info HERE. 

FIFA (Festival International du Film Sur l’Art)

Big Head

Big Head

March 23-April 2 2017

It might sound meta — movies about art, but it’s so much more than that. The FIFA has gone strong for 35 years showcasing films from the last year and the year to come related to art topics. These include biographies and documentaries, but also a smattering of fictional works as well. All arts are covered too, from storytelling to painting to dance to filmmaking to… Information HERE. 

Expo de Manger Santé et Vivre Vert

Expo Manger Sante et Vivre Vert. Photo Annie Shreeve

Expo Manger Sante et Vivre Vert. Photo Annie Shreeve

March 24-26 2017

An annual favorite with everyone who likes free samples and green smoothies, the health food festival takes over Palais des Congrès with rows of people who want to help you improve your health. Try the latest organic chocolate and tempeh, learn about different holistic health methods, and enjoy the crowd. Tickets $13/11, but coupons for a $2 reduction are usually easy to find. More info HERE.

Festival de la Voix

March 21-March 29 2017

Vox Aeterna presents three days of concerts and vocal workshops with the Festival de la Voix. This festival promotes live music and young singers. Although you have to hit the West Island to attend, works from Mozart to Broadway are in the programming. Check Choralissimo or the gala titles Songs of Our Roots and Family Ties and others. More information can be found HERE.

Under the Snow

March 18 – March 19 2017

Under the snow started as a series of indie concerts. Now, it’s grown into a proper underground arts festival to help us get out from under whatever weather is still keeping us down. In addition to music, there’s a bazaar where you can enjoy comix, graphic novels, records, t-shirts, seriographic prints, and all manner of awesome goods. Info HERE.

St Patrick’s Day Parade

Patrick's Irish Pub. St Dennis. Photo Rachel Levine

Patrick’s Irish Pub. St Dennis. Photo Rachel Levine

March 19 12 noon on St. Catherine’s Street from du Fort to Phillips Square

We’re all Irish on St. Patrick’s day. Some would vote it the best holiday in Montreal. You can put a Guinness on that if you like. Watch the parade, squeeze into a packed bar on or off St. Catherine’s street, and enjoy. Info HERE.

Montreal Digital Spring

Normal. Tribute to Normal McLaren

Normal. Tribute to Normal McLaren from 2015 event.

March 21 – June 21 2017

Celebrating all of Montreal’s electro-talents, the Digital Spring unites different artistic venues and organizations and gives them recognition for their digital exhibits. Places to keep an eye on include the DHC/ART, the SAT, and the MAC. More info HERE.

Bal en Blanc


One of the biggest DJ events every year in Montreal is the Bal en Blanc at Palais des Congres. Dance all night to DJs. $125. Info HERE.

Festival de Robotique

March 23- March 25

Some ding, some ring, some walk, some roll, some don’t move at all. Robots are awesome and this competition lets schools and CEGEPs compete. More info HERE.

Festival du Cinéma Latino-Américain de Montréal

March 31-April 9

The Cinema du Parc is known for showcasing films from around the world. 11 Latin-American films will be showcased for this festival, all of which were winners and selections at notable film festivals like Cannes and Toronto. More info can be found HERE.


Up and coming festivals

Mac N Cheese Festival — April 3-10 2017. Link HERE.

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