Festivulve : Festival All For Vulvas, Vaginas, and Labias

Come one, come all to the most intimate festival in the city

Want to see an 18 foot high, 3D inflatable clitoris? Well, there’s one at the entrance to this weekend’s body-specific festival dedicated to the nether bits of the female sex. Yes, it’s Festivulve, a celebration of the vulva, but also the other parts associated with it — the vagina, the labia, the clitoris, the G-spot. With a goal of education, this celebration of the natural diversity of a particular part of the human body without judgement is open, inclusive, and much needed. A ticket provides access to all events. Those 12 years and younger can attend free.

Typical of a festival, the two-day event includes info booths run by vulva-friendly organizations, lectures and workshops, there are also evening spectacles, DJs, and a display of 26 vulva focused objets d’art.

Sandra Sirois dans un VulvaPouf de Vulvaluv

Among the 12 organizations present, you can speak to The Centre de Santé des Femmes de Montreal, which focuses on women’s sexual health, as well as Endometriosis Quebec, a volunteer organization that focuses on the well-being and education of those who suffer from this disease. You can also connect with groups like Tiger Lotus Coop that focuses on the uterus and helping vulnerable populations with access to cure, well being, and also justice (think abortion rights).

There are 18 lectures that take place over the two-day event. These lectures include a lectures on menopause, slow sex, vaginal pain, cannabis and female sexuality, and the connection between sex and tech.

Jenny Jah en vulve Burlesque
Jenny Jah en vulve Burlesque

There are 22 workshops on 12 different themes allowing participants to learn and experiment. Several are dedicated to yoga, including one on tantric yoga (Celine Anadi Gingras) and Pelvic yoga (Melanie Roy). Another focuses on sexual godess vibes (Vanessa d’Amours) or menstruation (Clair d’Eau). One even looks a domination and taboos (Maîtresse Selena Pain).

The five evening spectacles, including a dildo bingo event, a film projection, and a burlesque.

So if you have a vulva or care about someone who is a proud owner of one, this is a chance to educate and be educated, to share, and to celebrate.

Vestivulve takes place June 8 and 9 at Centre de Loisirs Communutaire Lajeunesse (7378 Rue Lajeunesse). Tickets $20 cover all events and workshops on both days, available HERE.

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