GOT Wiggle? A Game of Thrones Burlesque Show

The cast of Game of Thrones Burlesque. Photo Frank Lam The cast of Game of Thrones Burlesque. Photo Frank Lam

Last Friday night at The Wiggle Room, the lords of the north brought something sexy to the capital: Game of Thrones Burlesque! It was a pilot show by Delirium Burlesque for the upcoming main event that is set for this spring.

The Wiggle Room is a charming venue on St. Laurent just across the street from Schwartz’s. The space is intimate with a great ambiance. I’ve walked by many times but this little gem has somehow eluded me until now. When I’d heard that this event was happening I immediately jumped at the opportunity to see winter come in all its glory!

The wiggle staff were so warm and friendly, reserving a table right up front and even spoiling me with a birthday shooter. In fact, they had a few quirky drinks mixed up specially for the evening: The Hodor shot that could only be ordered by screaming out Hodor! (or Hodor!, Hodor! for two), The Red Wedding, and The White Snow (shown below). After my complimentary Hodor, I had a White Snow and it was delicious. This bubbly treat was served in a lovely coupe glass, and I really hope that it makes it over to the next show!

White Snow.

White Snow. Photo Ana Isac

GOT Burlesque was hosted by various members of the Small Council (Pycelle, Petyr Baelish, Varys), all played by Baron Von Styk, the founder of Burlesque Delirium and a co-founder of SSSH Boylesque. We caught him wiggling at Boylesque earlier this year.

Pycelle (Baron Von Styck) & a Tree Photo Ana Isac

Pycelle (Baron Von Styck) & a Tree. Photo Ana Isac

We also saw an angry-looking Lysa Arryn (Frau Lulu) and a doe-eyed John Snow (Dr. Blooz Ballz), the poor bastard.

Jaime Lannister (Magenta Haze) came out, sword blazing. But this playboy transitioned mid-performance, revealing a collection of lights to be the bulge in her panties… along with a banana that she proceeded to eat.

One does not simply watch Eddard Stark (Lollipop Bob) take off his clothes. We also witnessed the (un)timely death of the King’s Hand. On the bright side, Osha (Audrey Ivory) was able to save Stark’s son by hiding him away in the forest. This tree was mighty pleased to see her.

Osha (Audrey Ivory) Photo Ana Isac

Osha (Audrey Ivory) Photo Ana Isac

Ros (Pearl Black) was by far my favourite performance of the evening. Her sexy belly dance was mesmerizing as she removed one scarf after another from her body.

Ros (Pearl Black) Photo Ana Isac

Ros (Pearl Black) Photo Ana Isac

I had mixed feelings about Sansa Stark (April May June). As one audience member pointed out, “She’s supposed to be 17 years old!” I’m sure that AMJ was at least 18, but it was certainly risqué and in line with the other similarly racy themes found in the series.

I had mixed feelings abou Sansa Stark (April Stark). Photo Ana Isak.

Sansa Stark (April May June. Photo Ana Isac.

And of course, I cannot forget to mention the lovely stage kitten, Fairy Floss. She was the sexiest little stage hand. In addition to all of these performers, a few others will also be at the main event in the new year:

  • BonBon Bombay as Daenerys Targaryen
  • Coeur de Lyon as Cersei Lannister
  • Misty Portugal as Cateryn Stark
  • Rusty St Jameson as Mirri Maz Duur (blood witch)

The preview was excellent and I’m sure that the full show will be even better. So now, I leave with a quote from Baron Von Styck, “Winter is coming… are you?!”

The Game of Thrones Season 1 Burlesque show will be at the Théâtre Plaza (6505 rue Saint-Hubert) on April 25. 8 p.m. $20. Ticket prices go up after March 28.