Freaky, Gory, and Deliciously Horrific: Mascara & Popcorn’s Festival of Short Films

Mascara and Popcorn Body Horror Contest. Photo Corey Kaminski Mascara and Popcorn Body Horror Contest. Photo Corey Kaminski

Once a year things get weird in the city of Montreal when Mascara and Popcorn International Short Film Festival unleashes its competition for indie film artists.

“The whole thing started because I just wanted to bring recognition to the talented artists of indie film, and most of them step on our Black Carpet to walk the Red Carpet right after,” says Florence Touliatos.

Freaky Miss T. aka Florence Touliatos. Body Horror Contest. Photo Corey Kaminski

Freaky Miss T. aka Florence Touliatos. Body Horror Contest. Photo Corey Kaminski

From an idea to a full blown film festival everyone is waiting for, this year Mascara & Popcorn is celebrating the fifth edition with short films forom the weird, the freaky and the thought provoking realm with known and less known artists.

The Black Carpet

This year Mascara and Popcorn Indie Film Festival gathers actors, filmmakers, producers such as Binky Productions and audiences together at its Black Carpet. This will definitely be a night you won’t forget thanks to Freaky Miss T (Florence Touliatos) and Yordevil, Montreal Etsy  vendors with awesome raffle gift baskets, 2 achievement awards to none other than Izabel Grondin and Eric Falardeau, live music bands and of course karaoke! Dance with the stars at this Underground Hollywood Party.  Bistro de Paris (4536 St. Denis) August 14. 5 p.m. $15.

The Short Film Competition

With only three days of the festival, from August 14 to 17, and over 50 competing short films, you better choose now so that you don’t miss out on the nerve tickling visual effects.

This year’s film competition is divided into five parts (Friday Brunch, Tainted Love, The Edge, Strange Days, and The Grindhole). Below are teaser picks for each of the categories to give you an idea of what is coming. Each round of competition includes Q&A with select filmmakers and a chance for the audience to vote on the best short of the group.

Friday Brunch Competition Part I (Friday August 15 at 1 p..m.)

Six competing films are grouped together for being wacky and fun. These include 5 Ways 2 Die in which Makis over-analyzes different ways to commit suicide, trying to find the most ideal result.

Tainted Love Competition Part II (Friday August 15 at 4 p.m.)

Eight competing shorts on the theme of love lost and cinema verité  include Separation by Point Clair’s own Danny Malin is about Sam who will do anything to honor a dying request.

The Edge Competition Part III (Friday August 15 at 7 p.m.)

12 films compete in this edgy, sometimes twisted, and dark grouping including L’Ouragan, Fuck You Tabarnak! by Ara Ball which is about an 11 year-old misfit who takes on an alter-identity of l’Ouragan to end his oppression.

Strange Days Competition Part IV (Saturday August 16 at 4 p.m.)

Ten films featuring Sci Fi, dystopia, and zombies. Among them Dystopia St. by Dave Cave, a short film about a man who has to escape from a nightmare world.

The Grindhole Competition Part V (Saturday August 16 at 7 p.m.)

The 15 films in the Grindhole are all about gore and body horror. Get ready for just that in Bruised Trailer by Jennifer Campbell. Amelia, a house cleaner struggles with mental instability following a work industry. Her grip on reality is further ruined as she engages in acts of self-abuse.

All of the short films play at The Mainline Theatre at 3997 Saint-Laurent Street, Montreal. Tickets for each segment are $10, except the Grindhold which is $15.

The After-Party

Things don’t end with the films. Mascara and Popcorn thought of it all, and that is why everyone is invited to come and join the competition after-party, Nevermore: A Night to Die For, so you can drink and dance your fear away to a live show by The Scroll and DJs Faith and Rocket Boi. Coop Katacombes (1635 Boul. St Laurent). 9:30 p.m. $8/6 with MPV ticket.

The Winner Is…

After all of the popcorn has been devoured by a hypnotized audience and the judges have made their verdict, Freaky Miss T. and Yordevil invite everyone to the Awards Show for some Zombie Karaoke. Bistro de Paris 4236 St Laurent, August 17. 6 p.m. $10 or free with MPV ticket.

According to our prognosis there is going to be plenty of freaky, spooky, funny, gory and dark and creative things for you to see. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to test the speed of your heart rate at the Mascara and Popcorn Short Film Competition of 2014.

Festival passes are available for $60. Check website HERE for more information.