Free and Fun Stuff at Osheaga!

Osheaga freebies. Osheaga freebies.

Despite the expensive beer, food and merch offered at festivals, this year’s Osheaga festival had many free activities and things to offer. Among the booths were Coca Cola, Vans, H&M, MRCY Fest, OUMF, Stingray, Diesel Tattoo and a slew of others.

Keeping an eye out for these free booths is totally worth it. Although most of them require some form of subscription (like putting in your e-mail address) you might come out with some pretty cool things, like slap on/airbrush tattoos, free drinks and random swag.

Osheaga freebies. Photo Melissa Martella.

Osheaga freebies. Photo Melissa Martella.

In case you were wondering why the majority of festival goers were wearing gold tattoos and sparkles, it was because H&M was giving them out for free. They had a shack with loud music, a photo booth so you can get pictures done with you and your friends after getting decked out in free sparkly swag.

One of the funner tents was MRCY Fest’s. It is a festival that is held in Laval every year. Metric headlined last year, and Mac Miller, Alabama Shakes and various other artists are on the list for this year’s rendition of the festival on the 26 of September at Espace Montmorency. At their tent they had one of those claw arcade games with various prizes in the machine like teddy bears, bandanas and other random stuff, if you were skilled or lucky enough to pick anything up.

Osheaga freebies. Photo Melissa Martella.

Osheaga freebies. Photo Melissa Martella.

Another awesome free perk that came in super handy to keep you from getting dehydrated during the scorching hot hours of the festival was that Coca-Cola and Nestea were on the grounds handing out free and cold samples of iced tea and soft drinks. Not only did it keep you refreshed, but paired with an expensive poutine from one of the food trucks, going to one of their tents saved you a good $4.75 on drinks alone. Saving you a couple of bucks that you can put towards getting more band merch.

Next up, were the many free rides and activities that the Osheaga Festival had, if you were willing to wait in line. Among them was a carrousel swing, a bubble race, Tug of War, and Battle Royale with water guns. After playing those games, you can swipe your bracelet and receive the hilarious footage or photos of you and your friends playing around. By swiping your bracelet you also automatically received an entry to raffles to win tickets to shows and afterparties.

Thanks to the various sponsors of this year, festival goers this year were extremely lucky with the variety of free activities and contests that were available during the tenth edition of the Osheaga Festival.

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