Free Art and Music in the Latin Quarter with OUMF

Montreal Complètement Cirque. Photo Magali Crevier. Montreal Complètement Cirque. Photo Magali Crevier.

The Latin Quarter keeps the festivals coming into the fall with OUMF. Like a small sampler of all the summer festivals to help survive the warm, muggy days before the onslaught, comedy, music, and performing arts take over the happening little hood. Terraces will be bumping as the streets fill with crowds to take in the full spectacle.

Music is a daily happening, of course. The DJ booth will be spinning daily from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. on St. Denis. Arts plays a large role in this festival with many events happening daily. You can paint St. Denis in goache, watch unicyclists with monotreal, or even catch a break dance battle with Break Dance H.O.R.U. (18-21 p.m.). Also keep an eye out for Le Patin Libre, street performers who take synchronized roller blading to new levels, circus clown performers Tandem Olympique, and acrobats Throw2Catch. Also, try your hand at seriography (screen printing) with Pica magazine who offers an atelier to produce your own poster for just $10.

However, the special nightly music programming is where some hot performers will be taking the stage.

On September 10, you can catch at Scène Desjardins: Bernhari (18:30-19:05), Chocolat (19:30-20:05), Socalled (20:30-21:15), and Canailles (22-23:00). At Scène Métro, catch Les Deuxluxes (19-19:35), Gazoline (20-20:45), Les Marinellis (21:30-22:15).

On September 11, you can catch at Scène Desjardins: Pic Paquette (18:30-19:05), Eman X Vlooper (19:30-20:05), Dead Obies (20:30-21:15), and Grandmaster Flash (22-23:00). At Scène Métro, catch Big Dreams (19-19:35), Wasiu (20-20:45), and Ragers (21:30-22:15).

On September 12, you can catch at Scène Desjardins: Les Muscadettes (18:30-19:05), Heat (19:30-20:05), BadBadNotGood (20:30-21:15), and a DJ set of Pierre Kwenders (22-23:00). At Scène Métro, catch Syzzors (19-19:35), Cri (20-20:45), and Foreign Diplomats (21:30-22:15).

Not bad, eh?

But things continue on at 11 p.m., when artists and DJs will offer special surprise programming.

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