Fringe Festival Reviews Round Five part A

Les Bunheads. Montreal Fringe For All. Photo Rachel Levine Les Bunheads. Montreal Fringe For All. Photo Rachel Levine

Les Bunheads and Friends

Les Bunheads. Fringe For All. Photo Rachel Levine

Les Bunheads. Fringe For All. Photo Rachel Levine

This show is for anyone who gets bored with a PG rating, but still suffers from Peter Pan syndrome and just wants to feel like a kid again. Combining clown, slapstick, and burlesque, there is something for everyone to enjoy. MC Marvellous Marvin introduces each act with spirited interludes. Les bunheads make being an alpha with a competitive nature hilarious, while Bibi Lolo Bang Bang seduces your pants off. Caravonica’s one man band, although one man, displays multiple identities. On the way out, someone commented, “This is my pick of the Fringe so far!” A high energy show and a great choice for a good time. JS

Les Bunheads and Friends is playing at The Wiggle Room.


Tranna Wintour. Fringe Festival 2015. Photo Rachel Levine

Tranna Wintour. Fringe Festival 2015. Photo Rachel Levine

If she stood there and said nothing for an hour, I’d still feel like I made the right choice in seeing her show. Ms. Wintour can hold and command a space like nobody’s business. You love her, but wouldn’t want to mess with her. Calling it like she sees it, Tranna Wintour takes you through ‘Trantasy’, her solo show and universe. Although I had seen some bits performed in and around Montreal’s comedy clubs, I still laugh as if hearing it for the first time. That, to me, is the mark of a true comedienne. Already a diva in Montreal, don’t miss her now. One day you’ll be clawing for tickets you can’t afford to see her.
Tranna Wintour will also be performing during Zoofest in ‘My First Time’. Seriously, book early. JS

Trantasy is playing at The Wiggle Room

Look At This Guy

James McGee. Fringe For All 2015. Look at this Guy! Photo Julie Santini.

James McGee. Fringe For All 2015. Look at this Guy! Photo Julie Santini.

McGee promised a boisterous comedy and that he delivers.
In this solo show, James McGee introduces us to an orchestra conductor whose life falls apart and the people he crosses paths with along the way. The show is a hilarious comedy that includes some real eclectic folk. From a lounge singer, to a washed-up-blue-comedy-therapist, to Terry, your side is bound to split at least once. This show flies by, which I believe means we’re having fun! Opening night had quite the crowd, so get a ticket before the buzz gets too loud and Montreal will have to demand a remount. JS

Look at this Guy is playing at Montreal Improv


Absolute absurd craziness is what this is. I mean, what would you do if a poltergeist was living in your house? Without paying rent!
The story opens on Victoria, a young ordinary woman, as she moves into a new apartment and just wants to know why it’s so cheap. This is a fun story that very much takes you out of this world. Peggy Sue, the confused landlady, most certainly stole my heart in the way she evades questions and wanders around with a teapot, to not go into too many details. I never knew a show could make me think “wha-aaht!?” in such a good way before seeing ‘Felix’. JS

Felix is playing at the Mainline Theatre

The Shiner
Spiritual animator, Katie Leggitt, explains exactly what that means in The Shiner. Combining sketch and storytelling, we have sweet Leggitt on one side and the characters she embodies on the other. Without costumes or props, Leggitt portrays such varying personalities with more than impressive clarity. Her ability to transform with no more that an inhale or a blink enables you to follow her anywhere and meet really quirky folk. Both comedic and pedagogical, this show you all you need to know about that wacky job title and seeing beauty in everything. There was a little boy next to me who giggled and murmured “She’s so funny!”, repeatedly. So, if you were struggling to find a kid-friendly show, you found it! JS

The Shiner is playing at Montreal Improv

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