‘Stashes and ’70s for a Great Cause: Sound & Fury Movember

Sound-and-Fury-Rampage-Joshua Budman Sound-and-Fury-Rampage-Joshua Budman

Movember is here and all the guys are growing moustaches to support a wonderful cause. This year Joshua Budman, a devoted member of the Montreal Improv community for over ten years is launching the Sound & Fury Movember Fundraiser show. 100% of all of the proceeds go to Movember Canada!

Joshua is actually a graphic designer by profession, but has a strong passion for improv. He’s performed improv for ten years, and for the past year has performed in one of Montreal Improv’s three in house teams and soon will be appearing in a web-series called The High Note. You can read our interview with its creator Holly Brace-Lavoie HERE.

Last year Joshua got some incredible people together for a fundraising show and it was a success. This year he went even bigger; he is directing a show taking place in the ’70s. You will witness a veteran cop Plymouth Fury and rookie cop Oklahoma Sound join forces to take on the most dangerous gangster their city has ever seen in an unpredictable improv comedy performance by Brad Kane, Jiva Kalan, Mariana Vial, Jeff Gandell, Vinny Dow, Eve Majzels, Aquil Virani, and Max Maguire.

“This particular show will be set in the style of 1970s cop movie. So expect the story to include lavish costumes, guns, action, chase scenes, funk music, murder and justice. And of course lots of (fake) moustaches!” Josh says. As with any improv show, you can’t know exactly where the actors will go but fun is guaranteed! We chatted with Josh about his directing experience with Sound & Fury, which you can read about below.

Sound-and-Fury-Rampage-Joshua Budman

Sound-and-Fury-Rampage-Joshua Budman

Victoria Shinkaruk (VS): How did you decide to organize this?

Joshua Budman (JB): I began raising money for Movember four years ago. At first I would just grow a moustache, ask friends and family to donate, and go around the office at work collecting anything people can give.

Last year I was thinking of ways I could raise more money and realized that I performed improv on a regular basis and as a member of the improv community for the past 10 years could easily acquire a venue and find performers to put on a fundraising show. So I did, and it was a success. This year I wanted to give it another go and try and make this show even bigger and better.

VS: Tell me a little about your involvement with Montreal Improv and the Movember cause.

JB: I’ve known the Montreal Improv directors (Francois Vincent, Marc Rowland and Bryan Walsh) for years. I met them at McGill university as part of the McGill Improv club 12 years ago where I would get my first taste of improv and haven’t stopped since.

They opened their theater and school four years ago and have really grown into a thriving community ever since. At first I was performing in several shows there and then started taking their advanced classes in improv skills. Now I am a member of one of their three house teams that showcase the best students coming out of their school.

As for my involvement with Movember, a few years ago we discovered that my dad had a growth that could have been prostate cancer. It gave my family a real scare but in the end it wasn’t anything serious. I realized how freaked out we were from just the thought of it being something bad. Imagine those people who actually have to deal with having prostate cancer (or any cancer, for that matter) or loved ones who do. So I started to support the cause and help Movember raise money and awareness

VS: How did you come up with the idea for the show this year?

JB: I had the idea of an improv show based on 1970s cop movies (like Bullitt and Dirty Harry) for a while now. For one reason or another I just couldn’t get it off the ground. Then it occurred to me when coming up with formats for the fundraising show, that what better era to represent the mustache than the ’70s? So I made it into this year’s fundraising show.

VS: Is this the first time you are directing this type of event?

JB: I’ve performed in countless shows with different groups and formats in my improv career, but this is the first time I’m taking a step back and working behind the scenes. I secured the venue, found volunteers, put together the cast, scheduled the rehearsals and even designed the poster. I didn’t realize how much work goes into a show!

VS: What can we expect from the show?

JB: Improv is a form of theater where the actors on stage make the entire story up on the spot. There is no script or lines memorized. This particular show will be set in the style of 1970s cop movie. So expect the story to include lavish costumes, guns, action, chase scenes, funk music, murder and justice. And of course lots of (fake) moustaches! Plus we have no idea where the story will go! There will also be a raffle draw and some door prizes.

VS: How do you know the actors that are going to be performing?

JB: I put a call out to all the performers and students in the Montreal Improv community looking for actors for the show and received way more responses than expected! It was a tough decision but I settled for eight amazing cast members whom I know would work well together. Some I’ve worked with before and others I’ve always wanted an opportunity to work with.

VS: Tell us a little about yourself.

JB: I’m a 33-year-old Montreal native from the West Island. Surprisingly enough improv is not my real job, just a big passion of mine. My day job is as a graphic designer and I work in an office as a packaging designer for a sock company. I also do some freelance graphics and design posters for improv shows, including this one. I have also dabbled in a little bit of acting and sketch comedy. I will be appearing in a web-series called The High Note that will be launching November 5 and perform sketch comedy under the moniker Jewbacca. I can be seen next on stage this fall with my new improv group Power Trio as part of the Threepio tournament at Montreal Improv.

Sound & Fury: Movember Fundraiser is on November 6 2014, at Montreal Improv Theatre (3697 Boulevard Saint-Laurent) @ 7:00 pm. Tickets $10. For more info go HERE