Get Ready to Get Nasty : JFL The Nasty Show

Mike Ward, The Nasty Show, Just For Laughs, Photo: Matthew Cope Mike Ward, The Nasty Show, Just For Laughs, Photo: Matthew Cope

Article by Ashley Gaujean

The annual Just For Laughs festival is right around the corner with comedy galas with big names such as Sarah Silverman, Russell Peters and Lewis Black

For those who are particularly looking for something a bit more adult rated comes the Nasty Show. Running for over 10 years in Montreal so far, the Nasty Show returns with the controversial Mike Ward as host. Big in both the French and English speaking community the unapologetic comedian has successfully managed to be nasty in both languages. The world of nasty is a big one with tongue in cheek categories such as race, disability, gender, age and of course sex.

Although currently in trouble with the Quebec human rights tribunal over a joke about a disabled Quebecer, Ward does not let that stop him from aiming for the jugular with his jokes.

Comedy veteran Bobby Slayton “the pit-bull of comedy” finds a way to stay current while letting out his nastiness acquired throughout the years. With increasing bans on pit bulls let it be known that he’ll be sure to make an impression with his New York spice.

The only woman in the show, Tiffany Haddish, certainly has no issues holding her own in this male dominated show with refreshing and hilariously dirty analogies for common sexual ingredients such as “baby batter” and “p***y beat boxing.”

Acting alongside MadTv alums and making guest appearances on big shows such as It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and My Name is Earl, Haddish has shown with grace how a tough upbringing can transform to a great career in making the world laugh and helping others. Aside from being a comedian, dancer and actor, Haddish takes time to help the less fortunate and be a part of her community. Haddish also finds it important to say what many women are too shy to say when it comes to the body, or life in general with ease. She gets really deep and keeps it light, real and truthful.

Ralphie May.

Ralphie May.

Huggable Southern gentleman Ralphie May who happened to have mentored Haddish when she was young also joins the docket with his sass and straight-forwardness. Just like Ward, May has toured the world and encountered unhappy people who take his comedy out of context and too seriously which only fuels him to stick to his craft and be himself. Within two seconds of speaking to him it is clear that he, just like all of the other nasty comedians, have big hearts and sharp minds.

Brad Williams Headhsot

Brad Williams Headhsot

Last but definitely not least (maybe shortest) I spoke to Brad Williams whose simple motto is “haha or no haha.” Williams finds a way to take regular nasty and reinvent it and make it hilarious while at times integrating what its like to live with dwarfism.

The general consensus for these nasty comedians is that this show is a great place to hear all sorts of dirty stuff without the barrier of today’s high expectations for political correctness.

The Nasty Show takes place July 20th to July 30th at Metropolis. Tickets and showtimes can be found HERE.