Girls Night Out: Better Off Staying In

Girls Night Out Girls Night OUt

The idea is simple : five girls, out for a night of fun, in a karoaké bar.

Meet Carol (born to party, high heels and all), Kate (her sister, slightly more reserved), Liza (never satisfied with life), and Anita (on prozac and always happy).

Finally there is Sharon, their very dead friend (for a few years, so she is used to it by now) who is your narrator for the night. She is happy, likes to dance and knows a lot about the life of her old friends.

If you are anything like me, and also missing “Sex and the City” from time to time, you will immediately think, “This is Carrie and the girls all over again. I cannot miss it!” You will then buy tickets and go. And if not, you probably still think it could be a fun night with a friend or two, and go as well.

For all those reasons, I went.

I honestly had high expectations for this show and I was disappointed. I read such wonderful reviews like “Sex and the City meets Mamma Mia,” and was expecting a grand musical, entertainment that would allow me to laugh, to be touched, and to escape from everyday life a little. Well, that is not exactly what I found.

First of all, it is not a musical, but a drama with some musical parts. There is a big difference. There is music when the characters are singing a song in the karaoke bar, but other than that, there is not much music. So NOT A MUSICAL, sorry. The good thing about the music though, is that the song choice is good, very good. After all, hits like “It’s Raining Men” or “I Will Survive” are always fun to hear. I should also add that the actresses can sing and are always in tune, so that is a definitely good point.

Another thing on the plus side is that the audience is always interacting with the characters. We are always asked to sing, clap and dance. You are right there with the characters and a part of their night out. That’s a great idea allows you to have a fun night. But for me, if I am honest, the plus side ends here.

The main idea (having five women out on a karaoke night, talking about friendship and life) is a great concept. A lot can be done with it. But it can only be done with proper writing, and insight on what women are, think, and what a real friendship between women is. Honestly, are we only talking about sex, nail polish and guys, when we are with friends? Nope! We are not! Reducing women to that kind of stereotypical caricature is not something anyone should be doing, especially not if women are the intended target for the show.

Do not get me wrong, I enjoy a fun stereotype from time to time. I can laugh about myself and women in general, oh yes. But I also appreciate three dimensional characters who are closer to reality. Reducing our friendships like this show does is like reducing men’s friendship to locker room conversations after gym. Kind of small, shortsided, and not disappointing don’t you think?

Seeing those characters drinking while talking about one-night stands and making sex jokes did not make me smile. It could have made me cry though (it didn’t). I hate mediocrity.

As I am a trooper and respect every artist who has the courage to come on stage (because it is very brave; I have done it and I know), I tried to stay open-minded. I am sorry to announce that I failed. The more bad jokes that came, the more I wondered why I was there.

I honestly wondered why. And the conditions in the Club Soda did not help me at all.

I rarely have heard such bad sound. It was too loud. I know how a mic is supposed to sound because I sing myself, and this was not it. Making the singers scream is a very bad idea, but when the actresses talked, the sound was not better at all. And I am not even talking about the music pieces… Oh my. Ouch. Too loud. So loud in fact that i am now writing this article with a headache. Sorry for the sound guy, but the work is bad!

On top of that, add a very poor reception for the audience at the entrance of the Club and you have a winner for “worst night in a long time.” First guy was very nice and entertaining. Second one did not even say “hello” and only gave us orders. No please, no hello, no thanks. Well, being rude does not help a business! I have to state that I did not appreciate this at all! Thank god for the hostess at the coat check; she was very very kind.

To resume, you have good singers, good songs, bad characters, bad sound, rude people and bad jokes. I hope you can understand why I did not enjoy myself.

So here is my advice: go only for a big event (tickets are not cheap) like a thirtieth birthday, or a bachelorette party. That night, dance, sing and clap like it was the last time, and please have fun with it all. If you can’t imagine doing those things, then you are in for a disappointment.

As for me, I do not recommend the show, but I will confess this: I sang “I Will Survive” along with the actress who sang it on stage, and I LIKED IT.