Great Theatre at Student Friendly Prices

Sarah Segal-Lazar, Jake Goldsbie, Jamie Elman, Victoria Diamond. BAD JEWS. Photo by Andrée Lanthier Sarah Segal-Lazar, Jake Goldsbie, Jamie Elman, Victoria Diamond. BAD JEWS. Photo by Andrée Lanthier

The Segal Centre is a hub for high quality theatre in Montreal. It offers a full mix of productions every season with musicals like The Producers, original and premiere pieces like The Graduate, and classics like Glengarry Glen Ross. This year’s line up is just as exciting with seven shows including the current show, My Name is Asher Lev, and the upcoming world premiere, Prom Queen The Musical. For students and young adults, though, the Segal Centre’s ticket prices are a little out of budget except the occasional special occasion. Never fear, theatre lovers! With the Segal’s new Class Act Card, the under-30s have the option to get tickets to shows on the cheap. 70% off cheap, that is.

The Class Act Card provides purchasers with four tickets to be used at any time, allowing the cardholder to invite friends and use all four credits at once, or space them out during the Segal season. Also, the card provides the flexibility to book months in advance or show up last minute (assuming there are seats available). The four-credit card costs just $80 (so $20 a show). It’s a bargain, considering that many of the Segal show tickets start at $50. All in all, the tipster thinks it’s a pretty good dealio.

Love theatre and you’ve used up all the credits with still more to see in the season? Not to worry. The card can be recharged throughout the season. The credits run out at season end, though, so make sure to use them up.

The card comes with a few perks. We all love perks. All bar purchases are $1 off, events at the Broadway Cafe are discounted at 50% off, select Segal programming is discounted, and there will be series of exclusive events for card holderslike wine and cheese, backstage tours, and meet and greets with cast members.

Those under 30 should take advantage of this opportunity to see excellent theatre. At just $20 a show (or $20 a ticket to a show), it’s a classy alternative to a night of Netflix and Chill. Friends can go halvies, or quarteries, on the card and see a show en masse. There’s even a deal that if you bring a friend under 30 on a credit and your friend then buys a Class Act Card, they get a $10 discount and you get an extra credit to use. Finally, those who don’t have $80 burning a hole in the pocket can pay for the card in installments.

Check out the Segal Centre’s Class Act Card HERE.

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