Hard Rock Tuesdays: Buffalo Killers Releasing A Fireball Of Sulk

Buffalo Killers are a rock band from Cincinnati, Ohio that formed back in 2006. They are currently signed Sunpedal recordings, the band is lead by songwriting brothers Zachary (bass/vocals) and Andrew Gabbard (guitar/vocals), Sven Kahns(guitar/lap steel) and Joseph Sebaali (drums). In 2007, they drew the attention of the likes of Chris Robinson, who invited them to open for The Black Crowes on different occasions, and has been quoted as saying this about Buffalo Killers: “One of the best fucking rock ‘n’ roll bands in the world.”

Here is my interview with Andrew Gabbard talking about the bands beginnings, inspirations and future.

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Debra Heather (DH): First, can you tell our readers how Buffalo Killers came to be and how you guys decided on the name of the name of the band?

Andrew Gabbard (AG): Zach and I are brothers. Our dad taught us both how to play guitar at a young age. Our parents encouraged us to pursue art. We both had bands of our own growing up, and it was inevitable that we got together. I met Joey when I was 15, and we have played in bands together since. And Sven joined the band about a year and a half ago, he’s always been a great friend of ours, and we would always have him play on our recordings. We asked him to play on stage with us one night, and he’s been in the band ever since. Zach, Joey and I use to be in a band called Thee Shams and a friend of ours, Shawn Abnoxious, wrote about us and described us as looking like buffalo killers. When it was time to choose a name for this band, we just rolled with that.

DH: Everybody, obviously has their own thoughts and interpretations on what class of music a band fits. I’ve read in numerous articles Buffalo Killers are anywhere from rock, classic rock, psychedelic garage rock to country and bluegrass. What category would you describe Buffalo Killers as?

AG: We randomly write songs in all genres. We are huge fans of all different types of music. We like to try different things and also stay true to ourselves. Everybody has to have a label so that you can be sold. Ya know, the average idiot has to be able to decide whether he gives you a chance or not based on what box you fit in. We think labels are bullshit.

DH: Growing up what were some of the bands biggest musical inspirations?

AG: Our dad had a huge record collection and played a lot of music in our house growing up. Mostly Neil Young, Rolling Stones, Allman Bros. In high school I listened to a lot of punk rock music and stuff my friends and my brother turned me on to like Ramones, Nirvana, Black Flag, Dinosaur Jr, and The Stooges. After high school was when I really delved into the Beatles catalog and Beach Boys and Stevie Wonder. BIG STAR. Lots of musical inspiration growing up.

DH: I would like to take the time to talk about your upcoming album, Fireball Of Sulk which will be released on November 24th. What can fans expect to hear from the new album opposed to previous ones?

AG: We were in a strange state of mind. Recording in a very clean, professional studio made us want to do something slightly weird. We’ve grown tired of trying to prove ourselves, we just want to have fun and what you hear is what you get!


DH: I am really digging the sound of the new album. I have to ask what is a Marshmallow Mouth?

AG: You’ll have to ask my brother! I assume it is a mouth filled with delicious marshmallow. Or a marshmallow monster.

DH: Can you take us through the Buffalo Killers music making process when creating a new album?

AG: When Zach and I write songs, we record the initial ideas and share them with each other (the band). By the time we come together everybody is familiar with the idea, and we build it from there. There is not much that goes into it with Buffalo Killers; everybody enjoys the music, so the parts just fall into place. Nobody tells anybody what to do. We just support the tune and try and make it good.

DH: Whats on the agenda for you guys in the next year?

AG: Get some new songs together. Play some more shows. Keep on truckin’. I’m having a baby boy next month. Who knows what the future holds? All I can say is Buffalo Killers are here to stay. Keep an eye out for us!


“To play a wrong note is insignificant, to play without passion is inexcusable”- Beethoven

Debra Heather runs news and entertainment web magazine underthepress