Have Yourself a Funny Little Christmas at ComedyWorks

Rodney Ramsey Christmas Special at Comedyworks poster. Rodney Ramsey Christmas Special at Comedyworks poster.

by Ashley Gaujean

Some of us do not necessarily like the idea of getting together ON PURPOSE for the sake of a holiday that seems to be more and more aimed towards children, but the ComedyWorks Christmas special is surely an event that can make you push aside who’s allowed to be silly and merry at this time of year. With great acts such as Canadian Comedy Award winners Heidi Foss and Steve Patrick Adams, as well as other Just for Laughs alumni like Massimo and Derek Seguin, this holiday event will certainly be worth checking out.

Derek Seguin. Zoofest 2015. Photo Rachel Levine.

Derek Seguin. Zoofest 2015. Photo Rachel Levine.

Because, admit it, coming down to a show in Montreal’s oldest comedy venue for jokes that may or may not be Christmas-themed is way more fun than sitting at home and dreading work in the morning, all the while binge watching that Netflix show you’ve already seen twice in its entirety.

Host and producer Rodney Ramsey agrees. “My first gig was at the Comedyworks, so I have a soft spot in my heart for it. The cool thing about Comedyworks is that you can do your set upstairs and then you can go downstairs and hang the f-k out, I don’t know any other comedy club in Canada that does that.”

Rodney Ramsey. Zoofest 2015. Photo Rachel Levine

Rodney Ramsey. Zoofest 2015. Photo Rachel Levine

If you’re wondering who that black Santa is in the promotional photo, it’s Ramsey himself. The writer, director and comedian will be providing the greatest of company while staying in character (you might want to check the egg nog he gives you as it may contain ingredients only suited for adults). Seeing how he is a part of the Underground Comedy Railroad – an all black comedy group that has toured the country – it makes sense that he wouldn’t be anyone but a black santa.

After the hilarity that will certainly ensure from this gathering, guests will be able to fulfill their wildest desires while belting out their favourite Christmas or non Christmas tunes during karaoke. Mariah Carey’s All I want for Christmas perhaps? You also get to give yourself a pat on the back as well as get a discount on ticket prices if you bring a toy or non-perishable food item. 2 in 1 !

“It’s a chance to get all of your friends out before they go away for Christmas. I’m trying to make this an annual thing,” host Rodney states and it really seems like he’s onto something.

A Comedyworks Christmas Special is on December 20th, doors 7:30 p.m show at 8 p.m. Tickets $15 or $10 with a donation. Tickets HERE.