TO DO Tonight: #Imagine October 20th Concert

david usher david usher

First it’s the NDP, then the Tories call in a strategist, and now it’s the Liberals. As always, polls and debates and infographics are giving the media lots to talk about. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter what people think, but what they do when it comes time to vote. The voter who shows up gets to determine what Canada will be like, whether Green, Tory, Liberal, NDP, Bloc, or something completely unexpected… Rhino? Communist? If you can’t vote for who you like, at least vote against the one you dislike the most.

A number of prominent Montreal artists are holding a concert to encourage voters to get out and vote in the Canadian federal election. Among them: The Barr Brothers, David Usher, Martha Wainwright, Plants and Animals, Hawksley Workman, Sin and Swoon, Aroara, and Katie Moore. We love all these performers at Rampage. This is a show you won’t want to miss and the message is one everyone should embrace.

But even if you can’t make their show, make sure you get your butt to a voting station and make your voice heard (we have an article detailing how to vote, whether you choose to do so in advance polls, or on election day at school or at a poll station HERE).

#IMAGINEOCT20TH takes place October 10th at Theatre Fairmount (5240 Du Parc) at 7 p.m. $10. Tickets can be purchased HERE.


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