IMPRO-niversary at Montreal Improv! September 4-5-6

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If you are into Improv and comedy then Montreal Improv is where you should be if not every Thursday through Sunday then at least on their 4th IMPRO-niversary! This year they have a whole lot of great shows planned out for their little big birthday party.

If you are familiar with the history of the place, you can skip this part right to where I tell you what awesomeness is awaiting you this year. If not familiar with Montreal’s Improv and Comedy life then read carefully as this gets more and more interesting.

Easy Action, featuring Marc Rowland and Brent Skagford

Easy Action, featuring Marc Rowland and Brent Skagford

So, once upon a time, in a pretty city of Montreal, two dedicated young fellas decided to get together in the year of 2008 and create Montreal Improv, a place dedicated to promoting the art of improvised theatre. The theatre founded in 2010 hosts shows every Thursday through Sunday in both English and French, so whichever is your preference all you need to do is check out the schedule HERE. From Toronto to New York to Boston to Paris and more, Improv Theatre pioneers are travelling the world in order to teach and perform for those interested.

This year Montreal Improv is celebrating its 4th IMPRO – niversary with a whole lot of great shows lined up. On the French menu you have Impro Chef, Le Petit Rire Jaune and Les Enfants de Molière. In English, the show will go on with performances by Easy Action on Thursday and Hawkins and special guests from Toronto on Friday.

For the first time in the history of Montreal Improv there will be a battle of the cleverest minds and the sharpest tongues. A 3 day Smackdown Tournament between between Easy Action, As The Bagel Turns, Wild Heart Acres, Hawkins and the winners of the regular Friday night Smackdown and the finals are happening on Saturday night.

As I mentioned above, Montreal IMPROV is not only for you to observe but also for you to participate. If you love comedy and improv and until this day had no idea where to learn and/or practice or polish your skills, now you know.

Montreal Improv is located at 3697 Boulevard St-Laurent, unit 202. All of the shows are totally affordable for anyone. Expect to spend about $8 if you are an Improv virgin or $5 if you are an Improv Student, in which case you have a student card and you probably already know where to be on the nights of September 4, 5 and 6 2014. I would say “you’re gonna rire” but that one is already taken, so how about “hold on to your underwear as this will be a fun ride!” (still quiet lame but hey, if you have better suggestions, please write so in the comment section below)

The schedule for the upcoming show, and more details about it are HERE

Hawkins, Montreal Improv guests from Toronto

Hawkins, Montreal Improv guests from Toronto

Thu, Sep 4, 7pm – Impro Chef et Les Enfants de Moliere
Thu, Sep 4, 9pm – Wild Heart Acres vs Hawkins followed by Easy Action

Fri, Sep 5, 8pm – Smackdown
Fri, Sep 5, 10pm – Easy Action vs As The Bagel Turns followed by Hawkins

Sat, Sep 6, 7pm – Smackdown Tournament Finals
Sat, Sep 6, 9pm – Le P’tit Rire Jaune

Do Not Miss Out!

IMPR-niversary is happening at 3697 St-Laurent Boulevard, Unit 202, Montreal, August 4 through 6, 2014.
Tickets: $8 or $5 with a valid Montreal Improv Student card