Insidious Chapter Three Goes Virtual

Stephanie Scott. Insidious 3 Stephanie Scott. Insidious 3

As horror franchises go they tend to use the third opus to go back to the very beginning, and Insidious is no different, taking us right before the first chapter. There’s a different vibe that we slowly catch as the jumps are not like the previous films.

A young Quinn Renner (Stefanie Scott) seeks help in contacting her deceased mother, who she believes has been trying to contact her from the afterlife. This is when we meet up with Elise (Lin Shaye): a retired psychic hunted by demons of her own. Dealing with grief above else, we feel for these characters who have lost someone dear to them.

Both actresses do a great job playing their roles but if it was not for Lin Shaye, this chapter of Insidious would not have been as powerful. Invoking all sorts of emotions, we are by her side as she offers all the help she can for young Quinn, even when her heart tells her to let go.

We visit the Further – the world of darkness where the dead roam – once again, but this time with someone who knows what she’s doing. It’s not as scary as you would think it is. The movie didn’t go in the same directions as the previous chapter but it was a nice addition to the collection

Lin Shaye. Insidious 3.

Lin Shaye. Insidious 3.

If you have gone to a Scotiabank theatre to see this film, you may have had a chance to see a trailer on the Oculus Rift, the future of gaming and – maybe – the film industry. Durigng this experience, a visor and headphones are put onto your head and as soon as they are on, you emerge into a virtual world. Faced with a red door you walk into the house from Insidious and listen to Elise’s voice talk to you about not having made the best choice. Honestly, this is where the real horror comes in. The curtains and other objects are moving and doors open slowly, creeping their way into this virtual reality. You are suddenly taken into the Further and things get worse.

Even if you don’t want to see Insidious 3, I suggest you go check out the Oculus Rift Experience!

Insidious 3 is in theatres now.