Interview: Big Wreck Rocking Through Montreal With Ghosts

Big Wreck is a rock band that in my opinion needs little introduction especially if your Canadian. The band was formed by frontman, Ian Thornley back in 1994 and, here they are two decades later with the band’s fourth studio album, Ghosts, which was released in Canada on June 10, 2014. Recently, I had a chance to catch up with Big Wreck’s lead singer to discuss touring and the new album.


Here’s our interview:

Debra Heather (DH): I’m interested in hearing about how you guys initially came up with the band’s name?

Ian Thornley (IT)
: It was an expression that Brian used to use. He and Dave Henning are both from NY and both have different expressions that I had never heard. We were called Still Waters at one point, and during a rehearsal something happened and Brian said it was a big wreck, and it just stuck.

Big Wreck, has been around for 20 years, what has been the hardest obstacle you guys have had to overcome and the band’s greatest achievement?

IT: Its hard to think of things that way you know. We kind of just keep chugging along, doing what we do, and not really thinking too hard about the bad things. When something good happens, its so great, and really its just another day for us. We stay in the moment as much as possible.

DH: What advice would you give young aspiring musicians specifically trying to break into the rock/hard rock music scene?

IT: I would tell them to follow their heart, always. I know it sounds cliche, but you always have to love what you do, and if it feels right, you have to go for it.

DH: I would like to talk a bit about the band’s fourth studio album; Ghosts released in Canada on June 10th of this year. The album is great I particularly love Ghost’s and War Baby. Can you tell Montreal Rampage readers about the album and what they can expect from it opposed to your previous albums?

IT: You know, with this one we were able to do so much more than our last albums. Where we were able to test the waters with Albatross, with this album, we dove right in. Sonically, its definitely a cut above anything else we have ever done.

DH: You guys are now on tour in Canada, what is a typical day like for you on a tour? Most memorable memory on the road?

IT: A typical day on the road starts with coffee, lots of coffee, and then kind of just rolls through a pretty set schedule. Sound check, VIPs, warm up, then showtime, and then just unwinding. Somewhere in there we try to fit in food, maybe a nap, practicing/playing which sometimes just goes in with my warm up.

DH: Any famous last words for Montreal Rampage?

IT: Rosebud.

Big Wreck will be performing Saturday, October 11th at Corona Theatre. Doors 7:00pm-show 8:00pm, tickets are $27.