It’s Only Love: Valentine’s Day Post Mortem

It's Only Love with Celina Flores

I’ve always been the type of person who gets way too excited about holidays. Real ones (Christmas), pointless ones (St Patrick’s Day), made up ones (Pancake Day, anyone?), you’d be hard pressed to find a festivus that I don’t enjoy.

Valentine’s day, in all its shiny, happy, pink glory, has never been any different. I mean, it’s singlehandedly considered the ‘girliest’ holiday by both men and women alike. As a supposed girl, there’s nothing I should hate about it.


Well, sort of. For the last three consecutive Valentine’s Days, I’ve either been drunk or trying to get drunk, all while hoarding chocolate in my face and lacrimal fluid in my tear ducts. Being single on Valentine’s Day, at least while over the age of 20, is kind of like being that smelly kid in school that no one wants to sit next to. At least that’s how you’re made to feel. 

In truth, I’m not one to actually get hung up on it. Twenty-four hours of vomit-inducing displays of love pass by relatively quickly if you keep yourself busy and, ideally, refrain from refreshing social media feeds every few minutes. Because, really, it’s always going to be the same isn’t it? Facebook status updates about cheesy engagements, Instagram posts documenting every gift received or, for the singles, every drink consumed. Everyone is either hashtag elated or just plain fucking miserable, but with a filter on it so it looks better.

My heart is firmly planted in between both of these feelings. I would say that, at best, I am indifferent to the idea that for just one day out of the year we’re supposed to get super excited about the people we love — at least enough to brag about them all day long and shower them with gifts and affection that are meant to be documented as proof for… other people? I personally like to sing the praises of people I care about all the time and that annoys people to no end, which never ceases to strike me as odd. I don’t need some naked baby Katniss wannabe to dictate when and how much to love — and neither do you.

This is not an anti-Valentine’s Day post, per se. I actually had a very nice Valentine’s Day with friends, family and a certain heart thief, and it was only because of the absence of all the unnecessary fluff. Just good times with good people. That’s how every day should be. No price tags, no pressure, just love. 

I hope you all had a nice V-Day. If you didn’t, at least it’s over and all the good chocolate is on sale now!

Celina awaits your most embarrassing love questions! Send ’em here: [email protected]. She will treat you with all the love and chocolate you deserve.

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