Izkor Wrap Shooting: Interview with Luc Picard

Izkor cast. Photo Jennifer Guillet. Izkor cast and crew. Photo Jennifer Guillet.

Izkor, the new movie by Raphaël Nadjari, has just received its final clap in Montreal. On the very last day of shooting the press was invited, along with photographers, to visit the set and meet the cast for interviews. I went along for Montreal Rampage to find out more about the movie. This is what there is to know:

Hannah (Geraldine Pailhas), a French woman, and Daniel (Luc Picard), her husband, both teach music in Montreal. They also animate a Jewish liturgical chant choir and devote their talents to direct their singers. As they face some trouble to finance their choir, Hannah finds herself less involved in her commitment towards her singers. When Abigail (Eléonore Lagacé) a young, sweet and talented artist enters their lives, Hannah regains a little joy and faith. She will put everything in question in order to reinvent her life, her art, her commitment to it all. She will go beyond her ideal to discover who she really is, what can be done, and what lies beyond what people often think of as their ‘destined paths’.

Raphaël Nadjari chose French actress Geraldine Pailhas to be Hannah, the central character of this modern tale, who puts at the heart of the storyline the duty of remembrance through music. The movie also addresses the financial aspects of art funding and difficulties associated with it. Nowadays, it is harder and harder to find funds for a great idea, initiative or a project, and it can alter inspiration and motivation for artists. Through Hannah’s character, the director leads us through a journey in the world of art and inside a woman’s soul to answer the secret of what lies behind artistic creativity.

The director also decided to do this movie in a special way. Indeed, the actors have no written words to learn on the production. They only had scene intentions and directions from Raphaël Nadjari to go through the scenes, and to lean on to act. This is an interesting artistic decision when it comes to storytelling and to the directions of actors. As for the comedians of the movie, it’s a new way of thinking-up characters, and definitely a new way of interpreting them.

For all movie lovers, it will definitely be interesting to see the final result of this new production upon its release. It is sure to deliver awesome performances, bold direction, as well as an exceptional storyline. This is a movie not be missed for sure.

This part French, part Quebec production will shoot for three days in Bordeaux (France), before clapping the last scene, and call a rap for the production. It will be in theaters in 2015, so do not wait, and run to see it when it will be announced. Izkor will definitely be full of surprises, and worth the trip to a movie theater! Do not forget! See you in 2015!

Izkor. Photo Jennifer Guillet.

Izkor. Photo Jennifer Guillet.

Jennifer Guillet (JG): What attracted you in the story, and in the character?

Luc Picard (LP): Raphaël (Nadjari, movie director) came to me when I was doing a play in a theater, I did not know him but I thought he was very nice, very touching and very interesting. I saw his movies and I liked the style. I was attracted by his artistic world. I also really liked the fact that the music was at the center of the story. It’s new to me and really attracted my inner artist. And finally, the improvisation part of the story is what attracted me to it. It is so different from everything I ever done before, I just wanted to give it a go.

JG: As you just said, there is a lot of improvisation to be done, so what is in the script exactly?

LP: On the script we have intentions for the scenes but no words yes. It will then all come from the improvisation on the set and the direction from Raphaël Nadjari.

JG: What does it change for you? Does it give you more liberty as an actor?

LP: Well, it is very different than what I usually do. It’s kind of like sending a musician on stage without scores. I am not sure that it gives me more freedom, because you can also find freedom in a very structured environment, but it is definitely another type of creation as an actor. My interpretation, my improvisation at that moment becomes a creation. There is writing in my work on this movie. Then Raphaël adjust the writing to fit the scene intentions and fit the movie storyline. But the first impulse is coming directly from my heart or the heart of my acting partner. This is what is interesting, it is a whole different level of creation.

Izkor opens on some day in the future! Check out our article on the last day of shooting here