Late Night Cookies by Bicycle with Baekt

Baekt cookies. Baekt cookies.

This is the company will respond to your call in the night, to your consummate yearning, to that late night craving for fresh baked goods. Noah Weigensberg’s brainchild, Baekt, will cater to your cookie dreams one bike-delivery at a time. I sat down with his to discuss the company and here’s what he had to say about it.

Angela Potvin (AP): So what is Baekt?

Noah Weigensberg (NW): It was an idea that I had a year ago, where we would deliver cookies in the St. Henri area. It was really my mom’s idea to start a cookie delivery service. I tweaked her idea to make it a late night service. I found some recipes online and I started delivering in the summer of 2015 by bicycle and when it started to get cold, we started providing to cafés and restaurants.

Noah Wiesenberg of Baekt. Photo Angela Potvin.

Noah Weigensberg of Baekt. Photo Angela Potvin.

AP: Which cafés do you supply right now?

NW: Rose de Lima Café, Quatre-Vents in Atwater Market, a fruit store in the plateau, Dollera Fruits, and Amaze on St. Jacques.

AP: So, your focus has been really been on St-Henri so far?

NW: Our focus was on the local community and we just started with the Plateau store over Christmas of 2015, and I am realizing that there are places elsewhere that are interested in the cookies. I am going to a place in NDG today to cold call and show up with a box of cookies, just to see what people say.

Cafe Rose de Lima Baekt menu. Photo Angela Potvin.

Cafe Rose de Lima Baekt menu. Photo Angela Potvin.

AP: What are your best sellers?

NW: I’d say its a tie between peanut butter-Nutella and the chocolate chip cookies. People just read Nutella and they get excited.

AP: And do you find the late night cookie delivery service attracts a certain kind of clientele?

NW: Hehe. Yes it does. Especially with a name like Baekt.

AP: So that’s not by chance?

NW: It’s tongue in cheek.

AP: We can assume that you have a cool mom, if this is mom’s idea.

NW: Yes. Yes I do.

AP: Where do you see it going from here?

NW: I think being in stores and cafés is the way to go. Originally, I thought that I should open up a place and that seems like a huge investment for the nature of the product, for now.

AP: So right now you are sharing Rose de Lima Café’s kitchen and that’s a creative structure. How’s that working?

NW: It’s working. I basically pay rent to use their kitchen and bring in whatever other equipement that I need, I show up and I do my thing. It keeps me mobile, flexible and saves me a ton of overhead.

AP: And because you supply them, it’s kind of like two businesses helping each other out.

NW: It really is. The café’s been a big supporter since day one. They have everything I need. We are coming up on our year anniversary in May. I think I am going to add something to the menu. I am playing with a couple of ideas at the moment. We are going to have a launch at the anniversary. And we are looking at branching out into frozen products. We are going to restart delivery when it gets warm again, no firm date, it’s about when it’s bike friendly.

AP: And since Trudeau has promised to legalize marijuana one of these days…

NW: Oh yes, we are definetely interested in edibles. That will come when the laws allow.

So there you have it. Check out the facebook page for more information on menu and delivery and get Baekt today. More information available at