The Goodbye Comedyworks Deserves: Live from Comedyworks at TSC

MorganGuido by Jaimie Hale MorganGuido by Jaimie Hale

Anyone familiar with the Montreal comedy scene knows that the closing of Comedyworks represents a huge loss for the community. Combine that with no warning or opportunity to properly say goodbye and you’ve got a recipe for disappointment.

Goodbye Comedyworks, we’ll miss you

In May of this year, Morgan O’Shea and Guido Cocomello approached Comedy Work’s owner, Jimbo, and pitched a joint headlining show set for September. Jimbo was game, but next thing the comedians knew, the club was closed. The pair decided that regardless, the show must go on and they went about figuring out the details.

Theatre Saint-Catherine as the venue was a given, and lots of Comedyworks regulars were thrilled that the old club would finally get a proper send-off. The result is “Live from Comedyworks at Theatre Sainte-Catherine” where O’Shea and Cocomello aim to throw a party worthy of the vital role the club played in the scene.

The night is sure to be nostalgic as O’Shea and Cocomello plan to recreate the aesthetic of the club, as well as the vibe. “Comedyworks was THE place, to get on Comedyworks was a huge, huge deal. To even showcase for Jimbo was a big, big thing… and it was just such a good vibe and such a classic comic hangout”, says Morgan O’Shea.

The show must go on

O’Shea and Cocomello have been performing around Montreal for the past five years. Trying to hone their skill and perfect their stage presence. The key for these two seems to be “honesty”. Cocomello has a storytelling style revolving around his everyday life as a husband and father and O’Shea described his style as “greasy if I haven’t showered and sweaty if I have”.

Both are interested in finding humour in life and believe that their acts appeal to people across the board. At the end of the day, the two agree that “funny is funny” and they will do their best to make sure the audience is having a laugh.

Though both agree that the closing of Comedyworks is crushing, they are quick to mention that there are plenty of other great rooms popping up all over the city. Specifically, anyone interested in seeing shows should check out: The Comedy Hostel, The Blue Dog Motel, Burritoville, Shaika Café and of course, Theatre Sainte-Catherine.

Live from Comedyworks at Theatre Sainte-Catherine will be hosted by Rodney Ramsey, will showcase a half a dozen Comedyworks regulars and will feature 25-minute acts by both Morgan O’Shea and Guido Cocomello.

Free Beer at Theatre St Catherine

Theatre Sainte-Catherine is also doing their part to make sure the night is a success offering up free beer shooters to keep the party going once the show finishes.

Live from Comedyworks at Theatre Sainte-Catherine takes place at Theatre Sainte-Catherine (264 Sainte-Catherine E) on Saturday, December 6 at 8:00 pm. Tickets $15. For more information go HERE