Luminotherapie 2019-2020

Sitting in front of a SAD lamp is a good way to make up for missing sunshine in winter. But, if you happen to be wandering downtown for the next few weeks, you can get a dose of light and fun at the annual Luminothérapie, now in its 10th year. The event brings an interactive light and sound event to the public.

This year, journey down a colourful tunnel of strung lights to reach the actual installation, POP! by Gentilhomme. POP! features five colourful creatures living inside five tubes. Their names are Popo, Popup, Popli, Popette, and Popotin. By standing on the platform, your movement, voice, or even just presence seems to call the inflated beasts out to play. They wave around as music and lights flash. Then they deflate. It’s all kind of silly and fun, and very, very, very public art a la Montreal.

Luminotherapie POP! Photo Rachel LEvine
Luminotherapie POP! Photo Rachel Levine

Those with a little bit more adventure can find the projected video of the POP! creatures on Pavillion President Kennedy at UQAM.

Luminotherrapie 2020. Photo Rachel Levine
Luminotherrapie 2020. Photo Rachel Levine

Luminotherapie runs daily, Thursday to Saturday from noon until 11 p.m., and Sunday to Wednesday from noon until 10 p.m. at Place des Festivals just off St. Catherine.

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