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Montreal artists have to start their global careers somewhere. Why not Montreal? M pour Montréal provides up-coming Montreal and Quebec artists and labels a platform to perform and network with industry folks from around the globe. 350 delegates from over 20 countries come to check out the scene here as they are wooed with cocktail parties, showcases, and events. Of course, the public is invited to come along and check out the shows as well.

The list of past artists who participated include some rather prominent names. Grimes, Mac Demarco, Charlotte Cardin, and Half Moon Run are just a small sampler of M pour Montréal ‘s better known participants. Fans of the city’s indie scene will recognize many of the names being featured this year.

One performer not to miss is Fernie. With big, beautiful pipes of Fernie delivers R&B and soul with vulnerability. In what sometimes is over-masculinized music, Fernie stands in their queerness and fearlessly invites the world in on every song. Fernie is magnetic on stage with a natural warmth and a gorgeous knack for delivery.

Lemon Bucket Orchestra. M for Montreal. PHoto Bruno Destombes.
Lemon Bucket Orchestra. M for Montreal. Photo Bruno Destombes.

If you’ve ever seen the Lemon Bucket Orchestra (and here’s hoping you have), you’ll want to catch Balaklava Blues. This is Balkan party music that combines Ukrainian folk with EDM, techno, and trap music. Mark Marczyk, creater of Balaklava Blues says the “Music is a reclamation of the violence perpetrated on my home country.” We’re all with you Ukraine, so check out this latest incarnation of Montreal’s Balkan scene.

Bibi Club is a project created by singer-keyboardist Adèle Trottier-Rivard and guitarist Nicolas Basque. Basque might be familiar from Plants and Animals, so it’s no surprise that the duo creates a mature sound that goes from introspective to lush. These songs move, so be prepared to move with them!

Lydia Képinski just seems like she’s on a rocket to the moon. Her sound is big and ferocious, even when its more ethereal. She seems destined for pop stardom with her artistic flair and edgy, poetic words. She’s got that something something.

Sunglaciers aren’t locals (they’re from Calgary), but they still have that gritty sonic sound that Montreal so good at making. Chad Vangaalen produces their work, so you know they’ve been given the go-see-them-stat-because-they’re-gonna-blow-your-mind check.

These three are just a small sample of the talented showcased artists, many of whom grew out of other musical projects in the city. M pour Montréal is an opportunity to see the musicians everyone will be talking about for years to come.

M pour Montréal takes place from November 16-19. Tickets are available HERE. Fernie performs Nov 16th at the Belmont at 8 p.m. Balaklava Blues plays November 17 at Casa del Popolo at 10 p.m. Lydia Képinski performs at a free show under the Van Horne Viaduct on Nov 18th at 5 p.m. Sunglaciers perform Nov 19th at l’Escogriffe at 10 p.m. with Kamikaze Nurse.

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