Montreal Fringe Festival Reviews # 1 : Lush Wanderings, A Mystic’s Journey, Tales of the Rise of the Fallen

band playing on outdoor stage Montreal Fringe Festival Fringe Parc. Photo Rachel Levine

Lush Wanderings

Pack your blanket to cozy up as your guide takes you from Parc D’Amerique onto the mountain. In a clearing, two beings in white stand chest to chest, their hearts synchronizing. Lights are lit and electronic music comes on as the two braid their bodies together and spread apart in a series of fluid and angular moves, reminiscent of Kathak dance. Careful arm and hand movements, sideways steps, and beautiful silhouettes. As the sun dips down the white clothing and the headlamp flashlights of the dancers make for an other-worldly spectacle. Part of the fun is having other people on the mountain curiously join in the audience. Tickets are available June 9 (21:00, 21:30), 10 (21:00, 21:30), 11 (21:00), 14 (21:00), 15 (21:00), 16 (21:00, 21:30), and 17 (21:00, 21:30) and the leaving point is the corner of Rachel and St. Laurent (Fringe Park). Tickets HERE.

Tales of the Rise of the Fallen

Johnny Prince is Montreal royalty. In the 70s, 80s, and 90s, he held the line between the punks, the skinheads, and the mods of the city as they hung out at The Blues Bar. Reading sections from his latest book, Prince recounts how he taught terrorism 101 to fifth grade girls at FACE, and his dabblings in drugs and crime. Think more Abbie Hoffman meets Hunter S. Thompson in how each vignette is told, with a few poetic twists of phrase thrown in. His storytelling recounts a time and place in Montreal’s seedy soul that is being replaced by sparkling condo buildings and well-heeled game studios. Shows at O Patro Vys on June 10 (18:00), 11 (13:00), 13 (19:45), 15 (21:15), and 18 (17:45). Tickets HERE.

A Mystic’s Journey

Title tells all in Tony Molesworth’s songs and stories about his time at a yoga ashram in India. He gets up at 4 a.m. to chant and live the vegetarian lifestyle infused with Vedic wisdom. With natural stage presence Tony banjo picks out stories in song about the ego, the id, and greater consciousness. The positive hippie wisdom and guru-like advice might feel like an hour of chanting mantras, so skip your meditation app for the day. You’ll get your ohms in. Every now and then he zings a clever one-liner to keep you from drifting too far into the cosmic void. A Mystic’s Journey is at O Patro Vys on June 10 (14:30), 13 (22:15), 15 (16:15), 17 (21:00), and 18 (16:00). Tickets HERE.

The Montreal Fringe Festival takes place until June 18. Tickets for all shows are available HERE.

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