Montreal Fringe Festival Reviews # 2

Reviews of three shows from the Fringe Festival

Montreal Fringe Park 2019. Photo Rachel Levine Montreal Fringe Park 2019. Photo Rachel Levine

Under the Sheets

Pat and Lauren, both professional musicians, who work in areas that are a little too niche for mainstream. Lauren plays violin in an orchestra and Pat is heavily involved in the electronic music world. After acknowledging the problems with their respective disciplines, the two aim to bridge the gap between audience and performer by sharing an emotional life story that underpins a piece of original music. This very moving show delves deep into the forces that shape a person’s life and give form to their art. After hearing the stories, the music takes on a deep resonance and every note seems to be borne from some facet of that tale. This one will make you laugh, cry, and feel all the feels. A not miss.

Under the Sheets is at Petit Campus (57 Prince Arthur E) on June 12, 13, 15, and 16. Tickets HERE.

The Adventures of Humphrey Beauregard, The Case O’Bianca

Local puppeteer Philippe Gobeille takes on a rather large cast of characters in this spin on the Casablanca theme. The plot follows Humphrey Beauregard, a private eye with no eyes and one large monobrow, and his investigation into a missing will associated with Sam’s cafe. If the will is not found, the cafe will become a casino instead. However, Humphrey is consumed with his love for his former flame, the melodramatic diva Bianca. Though the plot is a little loose, Gobeille makes this one a fun and worthy show by repeatedly interacting with audience members and the overall deadpan humour. He makes the puppets do things one usually doesn’t encounter in a puppet show — karaoke, magic performance, and even go on a date. Serial dating Beauregard, who has taken to refer to his dates by the day and month of the date, and his rival, zombie magician Benny, are great character studies.

The Adventures of Humphrey Beauregard, The case O’Bianca is at Petit Campus (57 Prince Arthur E) on June 10, 14, 15, 16. Tickets HERE.

Attempts in Flight

Nine wooden boxes are the only props in this dance-movement piece in which seven actors explore themes related to the transition out of childhood into adolescence. The performance is a seamless flow of words, song, and actions that is beautifully choreographed and poetic. Three musicians (violin, guitar, bass) stand in the back, though they too take on roles in the performance itself. The show begins with a vignette depicting the free creativity of childhood play with its sharp pricks of feeling left out. It then moves to a far more complicated part of life: feeling the consuming passion of first love. However, revealing that this is for a same-sex partner is not as well received as hoped. There are also nods to eating disorders and self harm. One thing I especially appreciated is the nuanced treatment of the mother and the reaction to her. The actors are just spectacular in this one and give their hearts to the performance.

Attempts in Flight takes place June 12, 15, and 16 at the Mainline Theatre (3997 St Laurent). Tickets HERE.

The Montreal Fringe Festival continues through June 16. Our previous reviews can be found HERE for PolySHAMory. For tickets to all shows, click HERE.

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