MTL À La Loupe: Become Sherlock Holmes for the Afternoon

Montreal À La Loupe Montreal À La Loupe

Did you ever feel like you’ve been living in Montreal for so long, but you just don’t know your city? You probably know the best restaurants and stores, but do you really know your city? The history of the great Montreal, I mean.

No more worries, MTL À La Loupe got you covered. Wake up the detective in you while discovering Montreal. To play the game, you have the choice between two stories. Browse the Old Port and discover who committed the most famous theft that the city has ever known. You have four suspects. Catch the culprit. The second story is just as interesting. A child disappeared ten years ago. One day, her grandmother receives a strange package. You have the find the little girl.

You can participate individually or in teams. You will be provided on site with a backpack that includes the elements that you will need for both cases. You have two hours to solve the mystery. Is your curiosity piqued?

Accompanied by my best friend, we decided to solve the biggest theft in Montreal’s history. Obviously, we arrived late. We could not find the starting point. A game that requires a good sense of direction, it started well. There were two other teams. After two questions to determine which team was going first, we left last. The friendly host told us it was to our advantage as we could find out where the other teams were going. Being the last can be good sometimes.

We walked slowly through the streets of the Old Port of Montreal in a well-defined area. A map is provided so you know if you are within the game area which can be very helpful. If you are lost, you see the host at the starting point. With difficulty, we find answers to the questions. Each question is worth one point.

After about an hour and a half, the sun that was shining then hid behind a curtain of clouds. We hoped that the rain would not fall. But it fell. Much rain. We even stopped the game to take shelter because our feet were completely wet. In the very end, we realized that the other two teams had not stopped. Too bad for us.

The two hours passed and we returned to the starting point. The host tallied the points and explained the theft which was altogether a rather unreal story. We did not win, but the important thing is to participate, right? We were beaten by a young child and her parents. The prize? A cupcake.

À la Loupe is a fun activity to do with friends or family. It is also affordable. You discover Montreal, its history and you enjoy the sun. In our case, it was a bit missing, but hey, we laughed. If you like outdoor activities, you’ll love this activity. Put on your running shoes and go find the culprit.

MTL À La Loupe costs $14 and groups of six or more are $12 per person. Adults and children can play, and it takes approximately two hours to complete the game. It can be played in English or French. The game is closed for the season but will open again next summer. Contact [email protected] or click HERE for more details.