My Montreal Bucket List: Peur Dépôt Fear Walkthrough

Nicole Yeba and friends at Peur Depot. Old Port. Nicole Yeba and friends at Peur Depot. Old Port.

Are you fearless or do you like to believe that you are? If you answered ‘yes’ to both questions, then you need to head over to Peur Dépôt. What’s special about it? It’s an immersive sensorial experience in a dark and closed space.

I enjoy scary things and am one to sneak up behind people to scare them. I had never experience a fear walkthrough and I was excited. I didn’t understand how some people were too afraid to try it.

Luckily, I found some fearless friends, Hannah and Josh who accompanied me through this experience. It was amusing to see that all staff members were disguised and adorning scary masks. They were playing their characters so well that it was hard not to laugh a bit. Especially when we had to warm up before entering the containers.

We only tried the first level of Virus the Game where our goal was to contain the virus with the pods attached to our hands. We were offered to attach the pods to our feet, but the probability of accidents would be too high. The explanations were clear. We were each assigned a colour and we had to put our pods on those colours wherever they appeared. It’s like twister but for your hands!

Nicole Yeba and friends at Peur Depot. Old Port.

Nicole Yeba and friends at Peur Depot. Old Port.

Unfortunately, I can’t say much about what I saw inside but I can say that I laughed a lot. I mostly laughed at the reactions of Hannah and Josh. Of course, some parts startled me but other than that, I wasn’t very scared. I conclude that the first level was too easy for me or maybe I have no fears!

If you like scary things and are fearless, try the three levels package and see if you can make it!

Also there are workshops for companies, nothing like a fear walkthrough to create closer bonds between coworkers.

Peur Dépôt closed November 1, but you can check it out again next year. Keep an eye on the website here for more information: