Nouvelle Vague playing at SAT Tonight

I Could Be Happy - Nouvelle Vague (1) I Could Be Happy - Nouvelle Vague (1)

This Saturday, March 25th, the French group Nouvelle Vague will be playing at SAT (Societé d’Arts Technologiques) as part of their tour for the album I Could Be Happy.

Nouvelle Vague is born of the collaboration of Marc Collin and Olivier Libaux. The group does covers of some classics of the new wave by adding a Bossa Nova touch.
And it was after the release of their first album in 2004 that the quirky sound of Nouvelle Vague became popular. Their covers and their collaborations with several female voices have become their trademark.

Nouvelle Vague, whom you surely know from their covers of Depeche Mode’s Just Can’t Get Enough or Johnny Reid’s Dance With Me, released their 5th album on November 4th.

I Could Be Happy : The Album

This album is as the others a mix of new creations and covers of classics.
The creations of Olivier Libaux and Marc Collin (Loneliness, Maladroit) have a soft touch of french pop.
Songs like Loneliness vaguely remind me of the soundtracks of the movie Le Fabuleux Destin d’Amélie Poulin’s by Yann Tiersen.
La pluie et Le Beau Temp accelerates the tempo and highlights the velvet voice of Elodie Frégé.

Obviously, Nouvelle Vague is known for its covers.  I Could Be Happy is not exception.
Indeed, we find, among other things, covers of the song of Ramones I Wanna Be Sedated.
The group even took over All Cats Are Gray from the band The Cure with the voice of Melanie Pain. And let me tell you that the covers, carefully selected, make us almost forget the originals by offering them a cure of youth. This is of course due to the creative touch of Nouvelle Vague in their innovative remakes.

I Could Be Happy is, therefore, an album wandering between French and English telling us tales with an original and pleasant sounds that are a delight to the listener.

Check out Nouvelle Vague on Saturday, March 25th at 9pm at the Société des Arts technologiques (1201 Bvd Saint Laurent). For tickets, go here.