October Festivals and Events in Montreal

Zombie Walk. Montreal. Photo Michael Bakouch. Zombie Walk. Montreal. Photo Michael Bakouch.

Montreal International Black Film Festival

Sept 28-Oct 2, 2016

The MIBFF brings new black films on a range of topics. Culture, social issues, and socio-economics all figure in the films showcased. This year, women get a special spotlight with events like Black Fem’Art and an opening film about Maya Angelou. Spike Lee is around to talk and show his new film Michael Jackson’s Journey from Motown to Off the Wall. Some of the films worth checking out this year include Black, a Romeo and Juliet story (or Sharks and Jets) that takes place in the suburbs of Brussels; Stay Woke about the Black Lives Matter Movement; and Dirt and Deeds in Mississippi about black landowners in the 1960s contributed to suffrage for blacks in the Deep South. More info is HERE.

Francbâtards. SKA Fest 2015. Photo Kat Mergaert

Francbâtards. SKA Fest 2015. Photo Kat Mergaert

SKA Festival

September 29-October 2, 2016

Bring your horns, your bass, and your reggae. Montreal is putting up a four day Ska festival. Ska music guarantees wild dancing and good times. This year, check out Planet Smashers, Stranger Cole, an exclusive reunion of the Fundamentals, and the first Montreal show in a long time of ILl Scarlett. For mroe info, click HERE. 


Oct 1-2, 2016

If a shiny machine with a big engine makes your heart say boom boom boom, the autorama is probably already in your calendar. Exhibitors include Goodyear, John Scotti, Course Vintage Racing, and Rebel Ridez. More info HERE.

Canadian International Organ Competition

Oct 2-30, 2016

In churches throughout the city, this biannual competition returns to the city to promote organ music through public awareness. With recitals from organists like Yuan Shen (China), masterclasses (Jean Guillou), a conference, and even an organ crawl through downtown Montreal, this should be both educational and inspirational.

Montreal Pizza Week

October 3-9, 2016

Another excuse to take foodgasms to share with your Tumblr entourage. Participating restaurants in Little Italy offer pizza at $15 a pop, but with toppings your nonna only dared dream about. More info HERE.

Black and Blue

October 5-11, 2016

The Black and Blue festival is essentially a giant EDM party in Montreal. This year, the main event takes place at Centre Pierre Charbonneau with DJs Ian Key, Morabito, Alain Jackinsky, and Danny Howells on decks. There are plenty of alternative events including events for Bears and a Leather Ball. In addition to getting people on the dancefloor, it even includes a recovery party on October 10 at Bar Cocktail. More info HERE.

Festival de Nouveau Cinema

Oct 5-16, 2016
The festival de Nouveau Cinema showcases a variety of films from around the world. What makes it so fresh is that they are new, allowing you to get a taste of what’s coming in the pipeline in terms of cinematic trends and talents. The films can be quirky, but also deeply moving. More info on the festival and its lineup can be found HERE . Highly anticipated films include Zacharias Kunuk’s Maliglutit Searchers (he’s the guy who did Atanarjuat The Fast Runner), Wim Wenders’ Les Beaux Jours d’Aranjuez, and those in the unclassifiable Temps Ø Unfolded line-up.

L’Off Jazz 2016

October 6-15, 2016

With summer gone who knows where and the Jazz fest with, time to bring out the Off Jazz. Over 110 artists, most local, will light up the city with over 26 concerts. This year, catch Aaron Shragge and Ben Monder, Tevet Sela Quartet, Still and George Graewe, and Sienna Dahlen, among many others. The all-access passport costs only $99/80, though other forms of ticketing are available. For more info, click HERE.

The Lady Josephine and The Continentals. Madmoiselle Opening. Mile End. Photo Rachel Levine

The Lady Josephine and The Continentals. Madmoiselle Opening. Mile End. Photo Rachel Levine

Montreal Burlesque Festival

October 13-15, 2016

Burlesque or boylesque, the art of the tease while taking off a few garments makes this form of performance as titillating as it is entertaining. Though the end game is more or less the same, the journey there is different each and every time. Some are more story oriented, others less so. Alongside many of Montreal’s beloved performers, check out some international sueprstars: MisRed Delicious, Minnie Tonka, Calamity Chang, Russell Bruner, and Madianoche to name a few. More info is HERE.

Phénomena Festival

Oct 13-21, 2016

Les Filles électriques is a creative company that runs the Phenomena festival, a playful, interdisciplinary festival with installations, performances, and all sorts of oddities. It never ceases to amaze with wonder and is perfectly timed for the spooky season. Some things to check out include the Cirquantique carnival, Eric Forget’s Narcolepsie, and Nka STein’s Voda-Eau-Water. More info HERE.


October 19-22, 2016

Electroacoustic music isn’t just EDM and its variants. It’s range is enormous and  includes experimental works, laptop orchestras, and many more forms of musical goodness. This year, check out Myriam Boucher, Francis Dhomont, Adam Stanovic, and Andrea Parkins this year. Information can be found HERE. 

La Biennale de Montréal

October 19, 2016-January 15, 2017

The annual art show is a hub for international artists to showcase the most innovative and challenging pieces in Montreal. The works are generally intriguing and provocative. Amog those participating are Le Grand Balcon, Valérie Blass, Myriam-Jacob Allard, and many more. For info, click HERE. 

Braderie de Mode Montréal Fall 2013. Photo Seydou Coulibaly.

Braderie de Mode Montréal Fall 2013. Photo Seydou Coulibaly.

The Braderie de Québécoise

Oct 20-23 2016

A few days of high end fashion at super low prices, the annual Braderie is a much anticipated event. Kollontai, Veinage, Stefano, Ca va de soi, Furlux, Myco Anna, Message Factory, Creation Encore, and many other familiar names have deep discounts on their fashion designs. Also, jewelry and accessories are there too. More info HERE.


October 20-29, 2016

The cinema festival that is all about zombies and horror, with plenty of oldies to revisit. This year, Total Crap 12 and The Evil Dead are part of the programming, but the rest of it will be announced early in the month. Keep an eye HERE to know more.

Marche des Zombies de Montreal

Oct 29. 2016

What was once upon a time an organic freak show of people who had a good giggle at the undead has turned into a rather large videotron sponsored event. Smear some ketchup on your face, roll around in a bit of humusy earth, and join the march — slow or fast. More info HERE.


October 20-November 6

Slam poetry is hot in Montreal, especially given our bilingual blessings. INTY/SLAMONTREAL celebrate 10 years of performances in the city with a lineup every night of the week. Most performances are at O Patro Vys. Find out more HERE.

Au Contraire Film Festival

October 25-28, 2016

A film festival dedicated solely to mental ilness. The opening night raises money for Donald Berman UP house. The festival shows that those with mental illness are not who they are stereotypically portrayed to be. Films showcase at the Musee des Beaux Arts. For more info, click HERE.

The Arab World Festival of Montreal

Oct 29-Nov 13

Celebrating Arab culture and art through performing arts and cinema, the Arab World Festival delights the city with dance, theatre, film, debate, conference, lectures, and more. More info HERE.


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