Peel Basin Parties with MASSIVart

Weekend Peel Basin Poster Weekend Peel Basin Poster

This weekend (September 12 and 13) and for the second time, the Lachine Canal National Historic site will be hosting an unmissable outdoor event.

Brought to you by MASSIVart, the Weekend at the Peel Basin will bring together music lovers, party people, foodies, outdoor activities maniacs and even young families looking for entertainment at the bottom of the iconic Farine Five Roses sign.

Located in the south oust of the Peel Basin, between the streets Wellington, Mill and Bridge, the site has a privileged location, not far from old Montreal and at the north side of the Lachine Canal.

Beginning at 5 p.m. until 10:30 p.m. on Saturday, the event will give the participants the chance to try different kinds of flavours and cuisines offered by the multiple food trucks that will be on the site.

The docks will then metamorphose into an open-air dancefloor where music lovers will enjoy the performances of local talents such as High Klassified, The Posterz, KiloJules (from Misteur Valaire) and Clay and Friends.

Schedule for Saturday evening:

  • 6pm : Clay and Friends
  • 7:15 pm : KILOJULES
  • 8:30 pm : The Posterz
  • 8:45 pm : High Klassified

For Sunday and starting at 10 a.m., Parks Canada will bring parks to town and participate in making this weekend an enjoyable day for outdoor activities maniacs and nature lovers.
Various activities offered in Canada’s national parks such as fishing stations, kayaking on the canal, an urban hiking path will be on the site. In addition to those, an art market will be available and creative workshops will be held.

The access will be totally free for Sunday.

The Peel Basin site is accessible through public transit or by bike.

peel basin location

peel basin location

Tickets for the Saturday night event at Peel basin can be purchased HERE. Sunday events are free. The Peel Basin is located at 1055 rue de la Commune W.