Peur Dépôt: Walking The Path of Fear For Fun

Peur Depot. Old Port. Peur Depot. Old Port.

Have you noticed the red containers in the Old Port? If not, you should go experience Peur Dépôt for the last weekend of the season until November 1st. You will go through an immersive sensorial experience.

Sylvain Massé, spokesperson of Acmé Immersif, explains how Peur Dépôt came to be. The idea was to make something moveable and using containers was an interesting factor. The concept was build two years ago and located in the parking lot of Carrefour Angrinon. The reaction was crazy, as people waited six hours to test out the game. The following year, the containers moved in the Old Port and had a ticket booth system to reduce the waiting time to a maximum of an hour.

For its third edition, Peur Dépôt offers a new version of the fear walkthrough experience. Two containers were added this year, making the experience longer. New technologies were also developed for this edition. Virus the Game has three levels of difficulty where the goal is to contain the virus with pods attached to your hands. It seems like an easy task but there are surprises.

Nicole Yeba and friends at Peur Depot. Old Port.

Nicole Yeba and friends at Peur Depot. Old Port.

“What you bring with you will frighten you most,” says Sylvain about how people bring their own fears and sometimes find out that they are claustrophobic. “Fear is good for your health,” he adds.

The challenge is to know if you’ll go all the way. You can ask to be removed from the game by calling out “CHICKEN!” You will be escorted to safety outside and will be celebrated. An average of 1 out of 50 people will not finish the game. “If you’re afraid I’m happy and if you had fun I’m happier,” says Sylvain about the importance of having fun throughout the challenge.

Acmé Immersif were asked to design La Maison Rouge, a haunted house at La Ronde, which opened in the beginning of the season. It’s not as gory as other haunted houses.

Make sure to read the warning section to ensure that you can safely try the experience.

Visit the website for more information or to purchase tickets online: Price per adult= $16.10 – $18.85 (cheaper online). Price for 3 levels= $28.00. Hours= Thursday to Saturday: 1:00 to 11:00 pm / Sunday: 1:00 to 9:00 pm. Place des Vestiges – Quai Jacques-Cartier Entrance