Pharrell’s 24 Hours of Happy

Pharrell Williams is hitting the headlines today. True to his unique and quirky nature, he has created the world’s first 24-hour music video for the song Happy, featured on the Despicable Me 2 movie soundtrack.


Check it out at


It was released at midnight and the timing flows chronologically from that point. It features a variety of ordinary people strutting and dancing around as if it’s the best day of their lives, with Pharrell himself appearing at various points throughout the day. I can’t help but feel happy watching it. The song is upbeat and catchy and really makes me want to dance. Most of what I’ve seen has taken place outdoors on different streets and sidewalks, presumably in Los Angeles. Each time the song restarts, the previous person/people exit and another person takes over. There are a bunch of great dancers throwing it down, some skateboarding, and even a fighter or two making use of a boxing ring to showcase their moves.


The website from where you can stream the video is somewhat interactive, as you can scroll through the different times of day and even share moments that you like on twitter or facebook. While watching it for hours on end might keep your happiness level stable, I think it’s best taken in small doses. That’s the real beauty of this video project. Cut into pieces, it’s a song with many different music videos. And so, each time that you listen to it, you get to watch something new. What’s more, each video is recorded in a single, continuous shot, which maintains a certain level of spontaneity. If you pay close attention, you can sometimes spot the actors communicating with the film crew through small nods and winks. These are barely noticeable, but it answers a lot of questions -like how actors danced safely through busy intersections with cars zipping by.


Kudos to you, Mr. Williams for such an ambitious feat!