Play and Dine at Colonel Moutarde, Montreal’s New Games Bar

Colonel Moutard. Photo Sébastien Roy Colonel Moutard. Plateau. Photo Sébastien Roy

Every Wednesday, probably like most of you, I start thinking that the weekend is coming. That is always a happy thought, right? But then another idea comes to mind. What will I do this weekend? Where will I hang out with my friends?

Maybe this weekend you are tired of playing the hostess to everyone or hanging out at Jimmy’s place drinking beer. Maybe this time, none of you want to go to a club or a restaurant. At this point you have seen all the newest and coolest places in town. So what to do next when you need a change of scenery and it is starting to get cold outside. Drinks in the Parc Lafontaine are off the table. So really, what to do? Well we might have just the thing for you.

Colonel Moutard. Photo Sébastien Roy

Colonel Moutard. Photo Sébastien Roy

Recently, I attended a special event at a new cool place that has just opened it’s doors. And believe me, it’s the kind of place you will want to check out. It’s called Colonel Moutarde (Mustard). It kind of reminds me of Clue. You know, that game where Colonel Mustard might have killed the lady in the library with the knife? I guess the title comes from there. I didn’t think to ask, though. Maybe I should have.

Colonel Moutarde is a place where you can drink and dine while playing games. In association with “Le Valet de Cœur” (a famous game shop in Montreal) the owners decided to open a space dedicated for games and gamers. The idea is simple: bring your friends, your partner, your family, sit down, have some food (or drinks) and have fun. Gastronomy and games you might say!

Colonel Moutard. Photo Sébastien Roy

Colonel Moutard. Photo Sébastien Roy

The cool thing is that there is a game for everybody. You just have to find yours. And you know what? Someone is there to help you find it: Mr Le “Sommelier du jeu” (the sommelier of games). Talk about a food analogy, right?

The Somelier knows everything about the games and will help you find the right one. Whether it’s a boardgame or cards, you can be sure he will know exactly what you need. He will then bring the game to the table, explain the rules and slowly vanish to let you have fun. And when he does, you will have found YOUR fun. Let us know if you do go. We want to know!

As for me I just loved the experience. The atmosphere was relaxed and happy, the waiters were efficient and fast, the big boss was incredibely nice, and the food was amazing.

Mister Sommelier found cool games for me and my friend, and we had a very nice time at Colonel Moutarde.

I honestly recommand it for everyone who wants to have fun and relax on a Friday night (or other days or nights). It’s just a great place to hang out. Plus you can dine too and the food is great. This one is a no brainer. Just go, it’s so much fun. One piece of advice though, go early if you want a table. There will be lots of people I am sure, because a place like this won’t stay empty!

Colonel Moutarde ? I say yes. An awesome place, so go check it out.

Colonel Moutarde is at  4418 rue St Denis, open Monday to Sunday 4 p.m. – 2 a.m. You can check the facebook page HERE.