Puces Pop Don’t Stop #2 Gifts for Manly Sorts

bike on stand by Junior bike on stand by Junior

It’s only natural to follow up our list of Gifts for Girly Gals available at Puces Pop with a list of gifts that might delight the more yang characters in one’s life.

Les Industries GroomGroom Moustache Oil is new on the Puces Pop scene, but the trio responsible for these men’s grooming products have already shipped their moustache wax to Switzerland and France as well as Halifax and Ontario. On offer are beard oil that allows for a more sophisticated, well-cared for beard, as opposed to the I’ve-been-working-for-the-last-month-at-home-on-my-iphone-app-and-may-not-have-changed-my-undewear-in-that-time type. Vintage razors have a cult following as well. The guys at Groom don’t know too many of the Puces Pop vendors, but we’re hoping they hook up with the equally discerning notebooks made by Recap Notebook or even Manuela Gomez who has dapper bowties available at her brand new shop, Mr. Gomez. Once groomed, the proper gent can mix up his drink with the syrups from Les Charlatans. Vodka Lime and Pepper. Sounds like a classic in the making.

TRIM walletMany a man’s wallet has been stuffed and beaten into submission. The leather transforms from leather to soft leather to a bit of thread holding the leather together to duct tape. Time to concede defeat. For the man who needs a new wallet, Marc Simard is the man to hit up — no surprise that his TRIM wallet is his bestseller, along with his FLAT card cases. In addition, he makes belts, fobs, and a variety of other interesting goods.  Marc Simard usually likes to pick up soap for his friends and family, so he’ll be on his way to check out Carriage 44‘s soaps and body card products.

capside lampA man’s home is his castle. The wood furniture of Loïc Bard transforms that castle into an architectural statement. Bard’s minimalist pieces have a Japanese flavor with their rounded openings and an almost anthropomorphic appeal. His best seller is his Lampe Capside, which won a design award at Les grands prix design de Montréal. When asked what he would like to get someone else at Puces Pop, he picked the chainsaw bowls from Marianne Chénard.

bike standThe industrial look of Junior‘s wood and ceramic products is striking. The team wants to create long-lasting, durable relationships between people and their objects. A commitment-phobic man may not have an easy time with another human being, but a cement bowl is another story altogether. Unfortunately, the natural wood shelves are sold out for the moment, but Junior’s wooden bike stand is tasteful and understated, while being both practical and well-crafted.



Puces Pop takes place from Dec. 13th-15th at Eglise St. Denis (5075 Rue Rivard). Friday 5 p.m. – 9 p.m. Saturday and Sunday 11 a.m. – 6 p.m.




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