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Joseph Boyden. The Orenda. Books at Blue Metropolis. Photo Rachel Levine Joseph Boyden. The Orenda. Books at Blue Metropolis. Photo Rachel Levine

Montreal’s annual literary festival, the Blue Metropolis / Le Metropolis Bleu brings together new and established authors from around the world to read, share their experiences, and offer workshops.

This year’s Grand Prix Litt√©raire International goes to Annie Proulx, who among many other works, gave us the story Brokeback Mountain that later became one of cinema’s most moving films about forbidden love between two cowboys. On May 4, at the Bibliotheque, CBC’s Eleanor Wachtel will interview her. Other prizewinners this year are Claudia Pineiro, The Words to Change Prize is for Reni Eddo-Lodge. The First People’s Literary Prize is for Terese Marie Mailhot. Dionne Brand receives thw LGBTQ Literary Prize, the Violet Literary Prize. Literary Diversity prize goes to Yara El Ghadban. Finally, the Anthony Atikinson Equality prize goes to Joseph E Stiglitz.

The festival offers various “tracks” or themes, might be a better word for it. A number of events are focused on Indigenous voices and literature, including talks, interviews, and readings. Humans, animals, and ecology marks another theme. Given that this is the 50th anniversary of Woodstock, the music festival is also being recognized complete with an Easy Rider themed benefit , and a Woodstock Revival 2019.

Many great authors grace the festival, but keep an eye out for Alberto Manguel and Katherine McLeod in addition to the prizewinners named previously.

Overall, the event promises to delight those who love the written word and appreciate high quality writing in its many forms.

The Blue Metropolis festival takes place mostly at Hotel 10 (10 Sherbrooke Ouest) on May 2 to 5, with a special event on May 15 about Woodstock. Info can be found HERE.

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