Repent, Sinners! Iron Reagan’s Crossover Ministry is Here!

Iron Regan

It’s time to witness the joining of hardcore punk and thrash metal in unholy matrimony! Behold, Crossover Ministry, the newest prophecy by the almighty Iron Reagan. After delving into politics in their last effort, Tyranny of Will, Reverend Tony Foresta and his band of disciples are back and have set their sites on a new target: religion. Foresta preaches fire and brimstone in eighteen hard-hitting hymnals, ranging from the drawn-out guitar assault, “Dead With My Friends” to the five-second long “Parents of Tomorrow.” Instant anthem “Fuck the Neighbors” sounds like it was ripped straight out of Municipal Waste’s The Art of Partying. Check out its awesome music video, presented in a bloody claymation by Johnny McHone, who has worked on show’s like Robot Chicken and SuperMansion.

The Crossover Ministry ceremony also features guest sermons from David Wood (Down To Nothing), Andreas Sandberg (Dr. Living Dead!) and Marissa Paternoster (Screaming Females). As glorious as this new album is, Iron Reagan is not the second coming. They present no innovation to the punk-metal cult. However, the congregation isn’t looking for a change to their dogma. They just want something to headbang to for a solid half hour. And Iron Reagan certainly delivers.