Résonance Festival Focuses on Radio

Résonance Festival. Résonance Festival.

Montreal has a new festival that’s making waves. Radio waves, that is. Résonance is focused on audio arts — radio and podcasts from Quebec, in particular. Among the things on offer are speakers, listening sessions, interviews, workshops, and parties for those who are fans of creating things meant to be heard.

Much of the programing relates to Magnéto, the first space dedicated to the creation of Quebec radio-sound art. Magnéto was inspired by the podcasts of France Culture, and was created to bring together authors and composers who wanted to create French language documentaries, soundscapes, and other sonic creations. This collective will animate a number of workshops, listening sessions, and discussions, as well as the opportunity to listen to documentaries and other creations. Magneto is also hosting Alexandre Plank, of France Culture to discuss his work.

Another group that is inolved is Phaune Radio, which is a web and mobile radio station which can be heard worldwide, but has its chief following in France.

Radio Canada’s Alison Vicrobeck, Julien Morissette, and André Martineau will be speaking specifically about the development of radio in Quebec.  Quebec English podcasters, Tally Abecassis, Mira Burt-Wintonick, and Cristal Duhaime will share samples of their own shows and talk about the current scene in Montreal.

Each night, the festival is capped off with a mixer or social event. There are plenty of opportunities to talk to participants and attendees built into each day.

For those who are interested in podcasts, sonic sounds, radio, web radio, and all things audio, this is a cool new festival well worth checking out.

Résonance takes place at the Espalande Loft Project (6750 Esplanade Ave) on August 18-20. Tickets HERE. 

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