Revealing MTL Uncovered

MTL Uncovered MTL Uncovered

Théâtre Paradoxe will be hosting the first edition of MTL Uncovered, an exhibition bringing together independent artists, photographers and live bands while serving japanese cocktails and tapas and fine cheese.

What is MTL Uncovered?

Imagine the atmosphere: Behind the doors of Théâtre Paradoxe, the best musicians and local bands and a DJ, 45 innovative artists including painters, photographers, Japanese tapas and sake bombs from Imadake and cheeses from la Boîte à Fromages.

Imadake Bar. Photo Michael Bakouch.

Imadake Bar. Photo Michael Bakouch.

MTL Uncovered is an event that celebrates the creativity and the eclecticism of Montreal’s cultural scene highlighting local talents as much as international ones. As a headliner among the groups there will be Life On Land with their title track I’d Have You. The photographers include Mikaël Theimer, the photographer behind Portraits of Montreal, whose pictures offer an honest insight on the characters of streets of Montreal. Fans of DC and Marvel comics will be delighted by the presence of Leyla Ghobadi who uses a mix of acrylic, spray paint and oil to give life to Batman, Superman and Spider-Man.

reno mccarthy

Reno McCarthy is one of the musicians playing at the event

To introduce the concept of this multidisciplinary event, I met with its creator: Arthur Kalimidis.

Sarah Bemri (SB): Where does the concept of MTL Uncovered come from?

Arthur Kalimidis (AK): I was inspired by the diverse and collaborative cultural events of New York –such as the Brooklyn Bazaar — which have this really neat mix of food, art and music with a nightlife feel. It is a chance for some of Montreal’s best artists to showcase their work, but we want it to be welcoming and fun at the same time.

SB: Can you describe the event/experience? What’s the purpose behind this project?

AK: We wanted to create a cross-disciplinary arts gala featuring food art and music. An event where attendees can immerse themselves in creativity and MTL nightlife. While this event may be set in a classy venue, don’t get the impression that you can’t dance and let your hair down. There will be plenty of chances to do just that in this party-friendly atmosphere.

It is also an opportunity for artists to showcase their talent to the public and connect with industry reps that we invite to the events. Internally it is a networking opportunity as well.

SB: Tell us more about your background.

AK: I was once a touring musician and marketing student at Concordia University. After planning a few music events it eventually turned into a full time gig. I have been organizing concert festivals for five years across Canada. I then became more and more interested in branching out into the art and culinary world and MTL Uncovered was born.

SB: Will this be a one time thing or are you planning to do it every year?

AK: I am planning on doing this every year.

MTL Undercover takes place Saturday, April 9, 2016 at the Théâtre Paradoxe, 5959 Boulevard Monk, Montreal. Tickets are $15. Click HERE for tickets.