Reviewed by Robyn : Dreamy & Dancey On A Sunday with Odesza

In Return album art, Odesza. In Return album art, Odesza.

At Le Belmont, ODESZA heated up the venue with some groovy tunes. With a great mix between their older music and newest stuff, the set was diverse and easy to dance along to. It got a little sweaty, but was very wonderful, and very entertaining. If you want the type of set that is guaranteed to be great, ODESZA fills this very nicely.

Each of the guys is very cool in his own way, they have different styles that come together to make great songs. There is a good mix of sampling vocals, making each track unique in a catchy kind of way. The tracks all have a light and bubbly vibe so listening to them live feels like you could close your eyes and float.

Their music is very dreamy, making the night pass by in a flash and when it was over you can hardly believe it was real. They played such a good set, it acted as a great reminder of how great their new album is. It translated so well to my live experience, I am almost scared to listen to it again and wash away the memories of their show.

As I mentioned, it was pretty heated. The music made it very easy to just sway along and dance. Each beat was an inspiration to move, and essentially everyone was moving with the music. It was a very beautiful crowd, which I credit to the city. It’s really fortunate when you’re in a venue pressed up against many other people dancing their hearts out and they’re all really attractive.

On top of this, the set was amazing and both members of ODESZA seemed to be having a good time as well. Both spent most of the night doing the classic DJ-bob-along and smiled at us every so often. Looking very concentrated on performing the music well yet also very comfortable with the night. I especially loved the imagery when they both started banging on their electronic drum kits, these guys were clearly just as full of energy as their crowd.

Overall their set was performed well, had a diverse set of songs, and encouraged many beautiful people to dance. For a Sunday night, it was very lively. A fantastic choice for how to end the weekend and roll into a chilly Monday.