Review: The Inevitable End Marks an End for Royksopp

the inevitable end Royksopp the inevitable end

Fresh off the release of Do It Again with Robyn earlier this year, Royksopp is releasing their fifth and final album this week. Yes, that’s right The Inevitable End is just that for Royksopp… but before we start preparing for a farewell tour, Svein Berge and Torbjørn Brundtland aren’t done making music, they’re simply done with the traditional album format.

The way we find, listen, buy, and even make music has changed tremendously in the last decade and it continues to change, rapidly, so why wouldn’t the way artists release music change? Looking back at Junior, Senior and even Do It Again, perhaps this isn’t much of a surprise at all. With a unique, signature but ever changing sound, it makes sense that Royksopp would forgo tradition and do something different. While it remains to be seen how they release future music, we have The Inevitable End to keep us busy.

Royksopp’s final LP is an excellent display of how the duo is far from done with making unique electronic music. The album consists of twelve broody tracks and Royksopp have tapped Jamie McDermott (The Irrepressibles), Ryan James (Man Without Country), and Susanne Sundfør to provide evocative vocals to accompany their distinctive sound. The album as a whole is wistful and dark, fitting for a farewell but like all things Royksopp, things aren’t always as they seem. “Save Me” is lively, “I Had This Thing” is acutely danceable, and “Running To The Sea” although gloomy is quite energetic. Royksopp has the distinct ability to make you dance along to sad songs and sulk over the happy ones, all the while thoroughly enjoying their dream-electronic musical experience. The final track on the record named “Thank You”, which basically serves as a musical goodbye, is a suitable song to bring about the end of an era for Royksopp and the promise of great things to come.

The Inevitable End is out on November 11 on Arts & Crafts records.