Review: The Rising Few Chase Away the Gloom of April’s Rain

The Rising Few at Gallerie 203. Photo Ianitza Hristova The Rising Few at Gallerie 203. Photo Ianitza Hristova

Wow! Despite the gloomy and rainy weather that we had on Tuesday (April 8th), an awesome crowd gathered to see the official launch of the debut album Sinners on St-Laurent from the band the Rising Few.

In anticipation of the performance, the mood was very gallery-appropriate and sedate. People seemed tired from the day, and no one would have blamed them if they yawned due to fatigue. However, from the very first note that the Rising Few started playing, the energy levels began rising up and liveliness exuded from every person and surface in that space!

The band made a great impression with their stage presence and their music! Their passion translated into the dancing and rhythmic movements of members of the audience. The music was soulful and every musician poured their heart into the performance. They made the crowd feel as if everyone was just jamming together at an awesome party!

It was such an entertaining experience to see all the different personalities on stage. All the musicians were so different from one another, however they fit really neatly together in the band as they united in their musical performance. The band describes their musical genre as new folk/rock, and has amazing sounds that could be great for people looking to dance their arses off. As well, the Rising Few’s soundtrack could easily fit into a romantic movie.

The choice of the venue could not be a better fit for this rainy Tuesday night. The group had songs dedicated to the gallery’s staff, to the theme of the art exhibition, and to the people of Montreal. The Rising Few played never-before-heard songs, as well as unrecorded songs. Of course they played tunes from their CD Sinners on St-Laurent as well as some from their forthcoming album.

The Rising Few are definitely forming their niche in the musical industry. They already have hardcore fans that were in front of the stage dancing.  Even though the second CD does not have an official release date yet, from the preview of the songs that were performed on that night, as well as the reaction of the crowd, it is looking out to be mighty successful!

The Rising Few played at Galerie 203 on April 8.