Reviewed by Robyn: Will Butler & Milky Chance

Milky Chance have a great album “Sadnecessary” and lucky for Montreal, they’re coming to town next week. If you like acoustic guitars, great singing, and folky dance-along music then I suggest you check out the album. Every track on the album has a certain sway-ability to it, and I kept on thinking, “Wow this is like an acoustic Outkast” which is saying a lot.

Though most people only know “Stolen Dance” and while this song still holds the number one place in my heart, the whole album is even better than just this track. There is always a danger in having one amazing song on an album, but that is not the case here. One thing I really wish I did have access to is a vinyl copy of their album. It’s just so good, and I know the feeling of this record on vinyl would be amazing.

I give the album a B+. It’s really worth checking out; and even better you can see Milky Chance perform live at Metropolis on April 3.


Will Butler’s album “Policy” seems out of this decade in the best way possible. Listening to it, I almost feel like I’m listening to Johnny Cash crossed with Morrissey. It’s got great sounds and the distortion on the first track alone has this grungy-dance vibe that is perfect to wake up to. It’s one of those tracks that, permitting you like rock-style music, makes you want to attack the day.

Of course, the vocal overlays give additional dimension to the album. From the background singing to the lead vocals, it sounds like there are many levels to the album. Each song is so different, and it’s so refreshing to hear this on an album. Usually we get albums that sound like they were all made with the same cookie-cutter formula. Not “Policy”. Each track is awesome and unique.

The album is amazing. I give it an A, how could I not? The only problem with it I can find is the short track list. I would love to hear more from Will Butler. He is also playing a show soon in Montreal on March 28th at Bar Le ‘Ritz’ P.D.B. If you can get a ticket, I highly recommend going.