RIDM 2017: An Opportunity for Adventure and Expansion


Whether you’re interested in the impact of global warming, indigenous cultures, hockey or politics, this year’s RIDM. has something to offer everyone. Local and foreign filmmakers in this year’s festival open our eyes to individuals and cultures across the globe giving a voice to people and issues near and far. Through documentaries, installations, VR experiences, and workshops, RIDM has opened the doors to a world of adventures. The variety of mediums and techniques used to document the abundance of topics is staggering and exciting.

The festival begins November 9th and opens to the public with VR experiences such as Fusun Uzun’s work Very Frustrating Mexican Removal, which gives us a glimpse into the conditions in which immigrants are held at Canadian borders. This is only one of the many enticing aspects of UXDoc which will take place at Pavillon Judith-Jasmin. Opening day also offers events at Cinema Du Parc and Dazibao.

RIDM will be offering 9 different – AND FREE – documentaries around Montreal, including S.P.I.T., a documentary by Daniel Cross that depicts the culture of “squeegee punks” through their daily lives. For the hockey enthusiast, Isabelle Lavigne and Stephane Thibault’s Junior takes us with them as they follow the Baie-Comeau Drakkars through a year of endeavours.

As part of the main events, Bunch Of Kunstby Christine Franz, promises a compelling portrait of a rock’n’roll band by the name of Sleaford Mods in England. For the those with a strong stomach, RIDM will be having a special presentation of Canniba, a documentary by Lucien Castaing-Taylor and Verena Paravel that creates a portrait of a heinous cannibal. For the arsonist, Brimstone & Glory by Viktor Jakovleski is an exploration of The National Pyrotechnic Festival of Tultepec in Mexico, with astonishing cinematography.

This year’s RIDM is nothing short of a thrilling and stimulating experience. Whether you are only interested in one of the many films or events, RIDM offers different affordable options of single events or festival passes.

For full details concerning the festival, click here.