Rituals of Mine Shares Baltra’s Remix of Come Around Me From LP HYPE NOSTALGIA

rituals of mine rituals of mine

If your inner loneliness bolstered by the Covid blues and nostalgia for large crowds in the club is itching for something that shouts resilience, empowerment, and everything hype, then look no further than Sacramento, California, where Terra Lopez has created the electronic R&B project Rituals of Mine, and escape in the lo-fi soundscapes of Baltra’s remix of her lead single “Come Around Me”, just released on Lopez’ website, taken from her LP HYPE NOSTALGIA, released last month by Carpark Records, and produced by Wes Jones and Dev the Goon.

Punctuated by a spark in creativity followed by traumatic episodes in Lopez’ life with what may be one of the toughest incidences to occur in someone’s life to endure with her father that took his own life in 2015, and six months later, having her best friend die in a car crash, this was by no means an easy slope for such an artist to climb out of unscathed.

The album’s tracks “Trauma” and “Exceptions” deal with the hard emotions that a young woman goes through when loss and youth are resisted from perpetuated sacred ideals in society, and are overcome with a positivity that outshines the darkness without the melancholy being ignored, but rather faced head on in one of the most courageous and generous ways possible  – by turning the pain and the lessons learned into art we can all dance to.

Make no mistake that these events have moulded Lopez’ identity outright. The strength of her music making ability demonstrated in her latest album show not just a strength in character, but exhibit an anthem for the powerless and those struggling with mental illness. Don’t expect any phoniness to come from the track “Come Around Me”, or any of her other thirteen tracks on the album for that matter. One can find themselves dancing and feeling inspired by Balta’s remix of the track to face their own fears, deal with their own pain, and feel empowered, and remember what it was like to be dancing in the middle of a sweaty and half-drunk crowd in an over-crowed, steamy club. One day. The living space will do for now.