Comedian Robby Hoffman at POP Montreal

Robby Hoffman. Photo Credit Rebekah Reiko. Robby Hoffman. Photo Credit Rebekah Reiko.

POP Montreal has a reputation for bringing some seriously hip and highly anticipated acts to town for one last punch of summer before fall sets in. This year they are hosting Robby Hoffman, a comedian who needs no introduction here in Montreal after performing in two very popular one-woman shows at Montreal’s Fringe Festival (2010, 2011) and being voted “One of the Top Ten Comedians” by the Montreal Mirror. She also made it to the semi-finals of Canada’s Next Top Comic and presented a talk about Women and Comedy for TEDtalks Montreal.

If you’re new to Hoffman’s comedy, you can expect smart and honest laughs. She finds humour in her day to day experiences; she does impressions of her Jewish mother, speaks about growing up in a family of ten children and enlightens the crowd about the perks (no hairy, sweaty balls) and hardships (occasionally, mistakenly finding 13 year old boys cute) of lesbianism. She weaves in and out of stories naturally and I dare say charms the audience with her “laugh with them, rather than at them” style of comedy.

She is a breath of fresh, confident and assured air in a sometimes overwhelmingly self-deprecating industry. If this isn’t enough to convince you to check her out, let me add that she was voted one of the top 40 hot, queer women in comedy by afterellen.

Robby Hoffman will be performing alongside musical acts Flist, Syngja, Catey Shaw, The GDM, Kieran Blake and Nego Mozambique & Zuzuka Poderosa for what is sure to be a night of swaying hips and good vibes.



Robby Hoffman show will take place Saturday, September 20 at the Cabaret Playhouse, 5656 Avenue du Parc at 9 p.m. $10 Get more info HERE