Salty Margarita Talks About Fiesta Latina Burlesque

Fiesty Latina Burlesque Fiesty Latina Burlesque

June the 2nd 2018 at 7:30 pm Fiesta Latina Burlesque brings us a spirited spectacle that reflects the sensuality and happiness of the Latin American culture. A colorful burlesque show that combines the Latino zest of life and the exuberance of its diversity on the stage. Montreal Rampage spoke to the artist/creator of the show Salty Margarita:

Sinj Karan (SK): What was your inspiration behind the show?

Salty Margarita (SM): In 2014, the burlesque performer, Black Mamba and myself, Salty Margarita, came across with this innovative idea, Latino burlesque shows in Montreal.  We are both Latino women and we wanted to promote diversity on the stage.

Since then, we have not stopped producing shows thanks to the support of the Wiggle Room, Cafe Cleopatra, bar Le cocktail and Le Grand Duques de Sherbrooke and the public who has welcomed us warmly.  So far we have had nine amazing shows and we are until now the only Latino Burlesque troupe in Québec.

We have extended our invitation to other burlesque artist in Montreal (regardless of their ethnicity) to explore the Latino burlesque zest of life because diversity and inclusion is a must for us.

SK: Can you tell me about your creative process and how you came up with this project?

SM: Our show includes strip tease, dance, singing Latin rhythms and drag. We have amazing drag artists that perform with us, often, for example, the only Drag Queen Latina in Montreal, the great Anaconda La Sabrosa or the Drag King, Nat King Pole. We combine the art of tease with Latino music and acting. For example, last November we produced “Amor Divino, A Telenovela Burlesque” written and host by divine Danny D. at the Wiggle room. It was a success. All the melodrama of a soap opera with a burlesque touch.  About our upcoming production, Fiesta Latina on June the 2nd, 2018, it is more a variety show with the best tease acts of our repertoire.

SK: What kind of audience are you looking to attract?

SM: Our audience is a mix of genders. Montreal women are very into cabaret and burlesque, but also men attend to our shows.

SK: Tells us a little about your work and how this project is/is not related to your future work?

SM: About me? Well I am a trained performer. I graduated as a theatre actress from Concordia University and now I am doing an MFA at UQAM  in theatre and playwriting. I was born and raised in Lima, Peru and I came to Canada in 2005.  I have had the chance to embody TV and theatre roles in Latin America and Canada. However, in 2012 I stepped in the glamorous world of burlesque and since then I have been in love with it.

SK: Why did you chose Burlesque as the form for this story/project?

SM: Honestly, I have always have been attracted to it. It represents the power of women on the stage. Acceptance of our sensuality regardless of our age, body shape or ethnic origins.


Fiesta Latina Burlesque takes place on June 2, 7:00 p.m. at Bar Le Cotcktail (1669 St Catherine St E). For tickets click HERE