Sherlock Holmes Escape Room Game

Sherlock Holmes Sherlock Holmes

In the last few years, escape room games have popped in Montreal. I’ve tried a few, such as A/Maze and Ezkapaz, where I escaped from a prison and stole a huge diamond.

Are you a fan of Sherlock Holmes and have always wanted to play detective? Well now you can, thanks to The Sherlock Holmes Mystery, a new escape room at the Ministry of Cricket & Other Homeless Sports. “We wanted to wow people with both the decor and games. Many escape rooms are simply copies. With this, my wife (Candy Crowin) and I were able to create something unique – a recreation of the Baker Street Museum in London and Montreal’s most thrilling escape game,” says Angus Bell, owner of the Ministry of Cricket & Other Homeless Sports.

Sneak peek of Sherlock Holmes Mystery – Credit: Ministry of Cricket & Other Homeless Sports

Players travel back to Victorian London in 1891, as they are Scotland Yard detectives who have 60 minutes to solve a murder, according to a telegram, at 221B Baker Street where both Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson mysteriously disappeared. 

This is the first escape room at the Ministry, which has more than 20 activities and sports for all ages, such as extreme archery games, cricket, bubble soccer, softball and even Quidditch. It’s the perfect place if you’re looking for a group activity for team building, birthday parties or even bachelor and bachelorette parties. The reaction of the Sherlock Holmes Mystery has been positive and many people showing up after hearing about it from a friend.

Angus Bell – Credit: Ministry of Cricket & Other Homeless Sports

I was invited by the Ministry in January to try the escape room game and was joined by three adventurous friends. The game can be played with a minimum of two players but it’s harder to successfully solve it. It’s great that we get to be in character with police hats and sticks. I felt like a real detective as I stumbled in the beautiful room. You are allowed three hints in the game and we used two since we were stuck but knew we were close to the end. We successfully solved the mystery and became the first team to do so. We also did it before the hour limit. All the details count so pay attention, check the time and work in groups of two if you can so you’re not stuck on only one thing.

Best detectives of Scotland Yard!

I highly recommend the Sherlock Holmes Mystery, which is aimed mainly for teenagers and adults, but 8- or 9-year-old children can play if accompanied by adults. “It could be fans of the recent BBC Sherlock series, the Robert Downey Junior films, escape room addicts, companies looking for team building, Conan Doyle buffs, or people looking to try a new experience,” says Angus Bell about the broad audience the game caters to. 

If you don’t travel near the Marché Central area often, I suggest spending the afternoon in the area. You can try the Ministry’s various activities and sports and have a bite around. There’s also a parking if you drive. If not, you can take the bus 121 from Sauvé metro or the 179 from Acadie metro. 

Ministry of Cricket & Other Homeless Sports is located at 1301 Mazurette. Cost is $25 per player + taxes. Weekdays open 9 am to 12 am – Weekends open from 8 am to 12 am.