Showcasing Underground Class with Peopl’s Comedy: Interview with Jess Salomon

Peopl's Comedy

Producer of Peopl’s Comedy show Jess Salomon sits down and talks about her “baby,” the show that she produces once a month with her colleagues: DJ Jojo Flores, Brad MacDonald and Freddie James. She works very hard to promote the show and get it as much exposure as possible. Jess and her co-producers each alternate hosting their production. Their aim is to get a regular crowd at this exclusive venue which sounds super swanky and VIP when Salomon talks about it. The dark lighting, black painted walls, New York-ish underground comedy club atmosphere, hip music, a bar serving enticing drinks all throughout the show, sound like an all too inviting way to spend a weekday evening.

The show’s founders met through their connections to the underground comedy world. By hanging out in the same spots and being in the same business, these savvy people got together to produce a one-of-a-kind show for Montreal’s fashionable, fabulous and young professional audience.

Salomon describes everything as being really “chill” in the venue. She also compares their production to when someone wants to host an amazing party and take care of their guests. You can certainly see that for the hosts of Peopl’s Comedy, this is serious business. The objective is to have an amazing time and attend the following shows that will host yet again different comedians for the public to discover.


The comedians  invited to perform appeal in general to everyone as well as those who are savvy and proficient in understanding a multitude of topics. The aim is to have humor that can appeal to everyone and comes from intelligent roots.

Jono Zalay at Peopl's Comedy

Jono Zalay at Peopl’s Comedy

Says Salomon, “One of the things we’re really proud of, is that we put on a professional show mid-week where comics are paid. You’d be surprised how rare that is. It’s a chance for comics to do some new jokes but also to showcase some of their best stuff. We feature a range of newcomers to the scene as well as comics that have been on TV, in major festivals like Just for Laughs, and on radio programmes like CBC’s “The Debaters”. Every month we have different acts, and this month we’ve got our first headliner in from New York City! Also free pizza from Sapori di Napoli. Pizza, buckets of beer, comedy, couches … what else is there?”

Spectators attending Peopl’s Comedy generally have high expectations due to the exclusivity of the entire production which happens only once every month. Shows generally take place on the last Wednesday of the month in Old Montreal. When asked what the future holds in store for them, Salomon answers that in due time they might add another show, however at the moment it will stay just once a month. Salomon admits to wanting to keep it monthly, because when they produce the show at this pace, they can expect it to be top notch every time!

This month Jono Zalay performs at Peopl’s Comedy on March 26 at Club Peopl (390 Notre Dame W). 8 p.m. 10$.