Someone You’ll Love: Lewis Capaldi

Seattle show reviewed

Lewis Capaldi. Photo Robyn Homeniyuk Lewis Capaldi. Photo Robyn Homeniyuk

If you’re looking to be blown away by a chubby Scottish lad singing sad songs, Lewis Capaldi is a perfect choice. He’s only just released his debut album ‘Divinely Inspired to a Hellish Extent’ which debuted at number 1 in the UK and Ireland. With a seven-week stint at number one with the single ‘Someone You Loved’ he’s a rising star, selling out an arena tour for next year in Europe in minutes before the album was released. 

Lewis Capaldi. Photo Robyn Homeniyuk
Lewis Capaldi. Photo Robyn Homeniyuk

With his 2019 filled with touring, I’ve had the chance to see and meet him a couple of times this year. Lewis will be in Montreal and Toronto in the fall – the gigs are sold out but there’s always a chance to get tickets through people who can’t make it. I hope to convince everyone to jump aboard this bandwagon with me to make sure he’s got a reason to come back. 

This weekend in Seattle, Lewis invited the Australian singer Sam Fischer to open for him. Sam was a great choice, with meaningful lyrics and a great voice. It set the mood for the evening, enjoyable, honest music with a relaxed vibe. He’s definitely worth a listen! 

Lewis Capaldi. Photo Robyn Homeniyuk
fLewis Capaldi. Photo Robyn Homeniyuk

Lewis Capaldi’s stage presence has only been improving in the past year, from November to now you can see he’s gotten more confident but is just as humble. Known to his Instagram followers as a hilarious guy, he brings his personality to the stage. Sad songs are offset by his constant joking and expressions of gratitude for his fans.

Lewis Capaldi. Photo Robyn Homeniyuk
Lewis Capaldi. Photo Robyn Homeniyuk

Lewis sings from the soul, there is no denying this. Most songs take you on a journey of heartbreak, but it isn’t always about a relationship breakdown. With his video for ‘Someone You Loved’  will make you cry and motivates viewers to sign up for organ donation after he met a young man waiting for a heart transplant who’d started Save9Lives. 

The atmosphere of the theatre was magic, everyone sang along after only a few weeks of the album hitting shelves (or digital platforms). I can’t get enough of Lewis’ voice – it’s nearly unparalleled for such a young artist. Every Scot in a 300-mile radius had turned up, which added a few cheers. 

A pair of young fans spent the day queuing, both totally in love with the music and admittedly had never shown so much determination about anything. That’s what is so amazing about Lewis Capaldi, he inspires people as much as he entertains them. With most of his 2019 filled, Capaldi assured me he’ll try to play everywhere he can in the near-ish future. 

Take advantage of the smaller venue gigs in North America while they happen – both Canadian venues were upgraded due to demand and it won’t be long before he sells out arenas here too. He could easily be classified as the next Ed Sheeran, there’s no question Lewis Capaldi is talented and will continue to rise on a global level. 

Lewis Capaldi is at the Olympia on October 9. Show 8 p.m. Tickets HERE.